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Where do you buy your baby's clothes from? Lock Rss

Hi smile I was just wondering where everyone buys their baby clothes from? and did it change as you had more children? Do you buy designer clothes?
Also when your baby grows out of them do you keep them for your next baby or give to friends or charities?
When I had my first everything was new from target, kmart and bigw. I kept the clothes for my twins plus bought more for them. When we finished with them I gave it all to charities.
Now I've had my ds 7years after my first and I'm finding I am buying most of ds's clothes from charity stores. The baby clothes are usually designer and are practically new with no stains at all. I find that I'm only paying like $1 or $2 a jumpsuit. I get singlets for 50c and socks for 10c. When ds grows out of the clothes I'm giving them back to the charities as long as they are still in great condition.
I feel myself I can't justify paying lots for clothes that ds will grow out of sooo quickly. I know as he gets bigger I'll start buying more from Target and other stores but I may as well save a bit while I can smile
I go to target alot to get little master clothes. Little man wears his brothers hand me downs. Any clothes that little man will not wear i gave them to the op shop.

I use to buy from kmart and big w and find their clothes don't last long enough.

Target just had a big sale online and i went alittle crazy and little master got his clothes for when he goes into size 4 which will be very soon.

Up until DD turned 1 I bought majority of her clothes off ebay. You can get big bulk lots of clothes that are hardly worn. Now those clothes have gone to my neice and the neutral clothes have come back to me again for my next. I just used to buy new stuff if she needed like a nice dress or things out of the ordinary like swimmers etc.

If my next is a boy I will probably do the same otherwise will recycle the old clothes.
with dshe is my first and i buy basically everything from big w i got a few things from other places (kmart myer harris scarfe) and when he grows out of them i put them in the cupboard for other kids i have eventually but the onlt things really worth saving are sizes up to 0 cause he wore 0 for like a year so they are worn out lol

i dont reckon i'll differently for other kids smile

Target just had a big sale online and i went alittle crazy and little master got his clothes for when he goes into size 4 which will be very soon.

Hey can I ask you how much it costs for delivery from buying from target online? I looked at their sale after receiving their email and saw some great clothes that would of been great for my 3 dd's but as I've never bought online I was too nervous huh laugh incase they took all my money out of my account or something. I know very irrational but I'd hate to lose my money. Maybe next time they have their next sale I won't be chicken laugh
I usually buy the kmart clothes for my dd's just for around the house as I too find they don't last well with repeated washing.
I always get dd's clothes at either best and less or target. In saying that mil has bought some designer brands for her. I can't warrant spending the extra cash on designer brands if they are going to grow out of them to quick or if they are going to ruin them running around or doing crafts etc.
[quote name='isaiahs mum' date='09 November 2011 - 09:41 AM' timestamp='1320795712' post='3090879' but the onlt things really worth saving are sizes up to 0 cause he wore 0 for like a year so they are worn out lol [/quote] I agree with you that once they are in size 0 the clothes get too worn out to save for next babies or to give to charities, plus they are usually stained from all their messy eating grin
Oh and dd has some second hand stuff we have Picked up or given to us by a family friend. Most of which she wears at home and others that have hardly been worn before dd. I vote for saving money with secondhand smile
We get the majority of my DS's clothes at the Baby and Kids Markets - if you haven't been to one you are missing out! Basically it's a market on a Sunday morning once a month or so (they have them in most major areas around Australia) and parents pay to have a stall there and sell baby/children's clothes, toys, bedding etc. You can get loads of really nice, almost new designer clothes for $1 or less each. (I'm not at all affiliated with them, I just love them!)
I went crazy when I had dd after 8yrs of having my last child. It was like being a new mum again haha.
I bought heaps of adidas clothes off ebay but she didnt get to wear them much..she grew too quick sad
So now these days, I just get cheap clothes from kmart or bigw wink
I am just preparing for our first baby 3 weeks to go and she already has so many clothes. I bought one lot off ebay earlier on then a friend told me not to buy too many more really small items as I will get heaps as gifts. Was so true, family and friends have bought heaps of stuff. I also got heaps of hand me downs from friends so far upto size 1 althought they have more waiting for me. I have found that some of the more expensive brands definately have washed better (just washed and ironed all the clothes given to me) and are in better condition. But hey when your baby moves on to new sizes every few months at the start I think using hand me downs or second hand stores isn't such a bad idea. The fact that you are going to give them back to store after you have used them is great idea money raised goes to charity and someone else can use them again after you.
I've never brought clothes from an op shop before but do donate alot of clothes. I have kept some of their things. Alot of DD's clothes come from target and kmart whereas most of DS's clothes come from best and less. I don't like the range of boys clothes at kmart and target. They've both only ever had 1 brand shirt each (quicksilver and roxy) I got it from the DFO so didn't cost that much at all.

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