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Strider Plus or City Select? Lock Rss

i actually went yesterday to purchase a double pram for my 17 mth old and 3 wk old, i had a look at them all and tried them, i went there wanting the city select but after trying it out, i didnt like it, i found it slightly hard to turn and i didnt like the fact that the foot rest wouldnt be adjusted more as prob in a few mths my dd legs would be hanging over it... but thats my opinion..... also with the strider plus, i personally dont like how close to the floor the bottom seat is again just my opinion, i ended up getting the baby jogger city mini, as i found it was so easy to turn and push, i really like it... but thats just me... its so hard as there are so many to choose from...good luck with it smile
I have the strider plus 3 wheeeler & i love it.
My daughter is nearly 2.5yr old & my son is 13mths & they are fine in it. Sometimes my daughter even likes to be in the bottom part, its a novelty thing for her!!
My husband recently helped a friend put her 4 wheeler strider in her car & he came back saying how happy he was we got the 3 wheeler.
Each to their own, it may not be a suitable one for you.
Hope you find the right one smile
I agonised over the same choice 9 months ago when our first pram we had turned out to be useless and we wanted one that would accomodate another child. We decided on the strider 3 wheel in the end as i thought the baby jogger didn't look that comfortable and also didn't like that one child would be all the way up the front and hard to keep an eye on.

I really like the strider, and now we will probably get the car seat that clips in when number 2 arrives so we can just clip it in and less fuss getting 2 into the pram. Don't regret it at all, good luck deciding grin

I have the Strider Plus. For that reason incase i have another baby.

My daughter is 19 months and im 19 weeks pregnant with my second. So i'll be getting the toddler add on in the near future..

I love the Strider Plus. i wouldnt have chosen any other pram.

Im not keen on the 3 wheeler prams so i have a 4 wheeler.

Good luck with your choice!
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