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weetbix for baby Lock Rss

I think DD was about 8 months when we started weetbix. It's her favourite breakfast smile

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I think some people are over pertective with what they give there baby's I gave my kids weetbix and cows milks fin 6 moths they are both fine and healthy so you do what to feel is right for you baby

I would tend to agree with you. Parents have been scared into not giving their babies/kids this that and everything. I personally think the idea of waiting every 3 days to introduce EVERY new food and waiting until certain months of age to start certain foods is over the top. We seem to have been scared into thinking if we don't puree things to the point of making it soup and every new food may cause them to blow up from allergy. Once baby is 6 months many new pieces of research are indicating that they can pretty much eat a modified version of all foods. Of course we have to be sensible and knowledgable about what they are eating, particularly things that are high in salt and sugar and approach high risk allergy foods with some degree of caution but I think we need to relax a bit

Not having a go at anyone here and to the OP who asked I do understand why you asked smile Personally we gave DD weet bix around 7 months with expressed breastmilk. The main 2 reasons they say to hold off on cows milk is that sometimes it can upset their little tummies and because formula or breastmilk is nutritionally more suited to their needs. However you can use cows milk in cooking etc, just better to not give it as a drink until after 12 months

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all 4 of mine have had wheetbix from 4-6 months in age

I don't think fear has anything to do with it!

If there is something better, then why not use it?

If fear stops you from choosing something substandard, then what is it that makes people choose the substandard thing? You don't choose the best possible things because you are afraid of the alternative do you?

I don't choose to eat healthily because I am afraid of junk food. I don't choose to be kind to people because I am afraid of being mean.

It seems like a strange conclusion to draw from someone making a choice based on the fact that there are more suitable alternatives.

Just wanting to add though, I like weetbix for the fact that it is iron fortified so good for vegetarian people or those who don't eat much meat, as if you have it with vitamin c that is a large portion of your daily iron needs just in the first meal of the day. Muesli, porridge and bran all have substantially lesser amounts.
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