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Anger Issues Rss

I have a 11 month old that in the last week has starting hitting me and headbutting things... Can anyone tell me if this is normal and what should I do when he starts crying cause its hurting him
MY son did the same thing around the same age! it took me a few stern no dont do that kind of thing for him to stop, as for his tantrums after that i would just ignor him.
It breaks your heart though.
Ah kids lol there a complicated creature lol
It's normal to head butt and throw the tanti smile
Your lil one is coming to terms with his emotions and because they can't verbalize properly there feelings come out physically. My dd2 who is nearly 19 months old has been a head butter for a while the floor is her favorite surface to do it on its her way of releasing her feelings it makes me a lil freaked out but there going to do it no matter what you say. I usually try to distract her with something before she gets a egg happening!!
They will grow out of it and they aren't going to do it till they are seriously hurt, when he starts just distract him smile
My advice, watch The Change Up. laugh Not only is it a hilarious but the scene of the baby headbutting gives you a weird sense of comfort knowing that it happens to almost every parent.

My little man (18 months) did and sometimes does the head banging, although its turned into a head sliding across the floor which is less harsh but still gives him a lovely red mark across his head.

I find it happens mostly when he is tired or frustrated.

Try not to think of it as anger and more a frustration issue, that way when the hardest of block is slammed into your face you wont think your bub is trying to hurt you but simply is expressing something in his own unique way. (Hard to do when you have a throbbing lip I know)Ignoring the action was the best cure for the hitting, now he never strikes me and is very gentle with his baby sister, although dad cops a few slaps across the face from time to time.

Take comfort that they usually grow out of it as quickly as it starts!
^^ So sorry to jump in on your thread but OMG that headbutting baby from the Change Up is so funny!! laugh I laughed my pants off haha
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