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MY BABY IS 1! Lock Rss

It's DD2's 1st Birthday today . I can't believe this 1st year has flown by so quickly. It took us 2 years to conceive our little miracle through ivf. She has turned into a beautiful, cheeky little girl. She has completed our family and DD1 loves her little sister and is her 2nd Mummy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sienna the time really does fly
Happy Birthday to your little girl! I hope you all have a great day

Happy Birthday to your DD!!! I know about the year flying, my DS is 1 on Saturday, and I feel a bit sad at where the year has gone!!! Hope she has a good one!!!!!
Happy birthday to your lil girl grin
It does go by to fast there small for just the tiniest bit of time sad
Hope she is having a wonderful day smile I love the age between 1 and 2 years old there such a laugh with there lil antics and personality really shining threw smile
Happy 1st birthday to your li precious smile hope you have a truly special day smile

Thank you everyone for your lovely wishes. I think she's coming down with a cold, poor thing. She's been irritable all day and her nose has been running . We gave her a cupcake after dinner as her party isn't until Sunday. She took one bite and threw the rest on the floor, lol.

I think it goes so much quicker 2nd time around. With DD1 it seemed to take forever, with DD2 I want to slow things down.

Before you know it we'll be planning her 21st

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