Hi all and thanks for reading,
With lack of funding from Make A Wish Ashton has been told that they will not be able to grant his wish.... so Im looking to do an online auction to raise funds so that I can take Ashton who was diognoised with Acute Myloide Leukiemia on 26th Febuary 2012 yo to wiggle world on the Gold Coast when finishes his chemo treatment.(with his brothers 4yo and 2yo)
Ashton was born on 26th October 2011
Since the beginning of February Ashton had not been himself, the previous week he had the flu so i was thinking it was just taking a little longer to get over than normal. Afew days later i felt two lumps on the top of his head and took him to see me local GP. GP said it was cysts and they will go away with time. I was not happy with the results so the following Friday I took him to my local children Hospital.I was told the some thing that if wasnt not gone in a month to come back, Saturday Ashton slept the whole day only waking for feeds, by Sunday morning he was throwing his milk up and was as white as a ghost. I took him back to the hospital on Sunday afternoon and by Sunday afternoon I heard the four words no human been wants to heard ' YOUR SON HAS LEUKEMIA'. He was wisked away for blood test and then sent to ICU where he was heaverly sedated for a week while he was fighting for his life.The doc gave me 20% chance he would survive. Two days later he started his chemo for 10 days then more blood test,lumper puncher, bone marrow test, kidney scan, xrays and heaps more poking and proding. He has finished his second round of chemo and has two more sessions to go to see Ashton can beat this cancer.
If you can help with donations of items or know of businesses that can help our auction please let us know. As we would love to get this Auction off the ground soon. thanks so much