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had an incident today Rss

hi today I got a jolly jumper for my son I hadnt quite attatched something properly and he had a fall and bumped his head.I gave him baby panadol put a cold cloth on the wee red mark he had and rung healthline.The mark has now gone I feel so awful,they had told me hes fine but just to keep an eye on him.Everyone has told me it was an accident and they happen wich I know is true but my son is 5 months old.I feel like crying I cant beleive it happened and cant get the image of him falling out of my head I feel like the worst parent out there I dont want anything like this to evr happen again and am wanting to know all the safety tips I can as he grows would much appreciate it thanx
i dear you poor thing, its horrible when something like that happens xx but it happens to all of us, it WAS an accident so dont be too hard on yourself

my worst incident was when my first child (DD) was about 4 months, we had her wrapped asleep on our bed with a pillow either side, she looked so peaceful we didnt want to move her, well she fell off the end of the bed sad was horrible.

you cant baby proof everything, they WILL fall from time to time especially as they begin to move and explore and test themselves, crawling, sitting and dont even get me started on running! my only tips are to keep the deadly things away, like lock poisons away and put guards around fire places and in powerpoints, try to cover power leads etc, other then that id just let them explore and learn their own boundaries as they grow, just watch and be ready to soothe a bump or intercept them if they over estimate themselves (which theyll do at every opertunity lol)
Its awful allrite I know these things happen Im a first time mum and beating myself up,Im going to do my best not to and accept its one of these things and just be that little bit more careful.I have a really tiny two bedroom and have no space at all I do have washing powders ect all put up high and out of reach.Have a wee safety gate for kitchen,A play penn ect.
Aw Hun as kylz said these thing happen to 99.9% of mums, every single one of my kids have rolled off the bed, stacked it learning to walk and my ds is known for his eggs on his head!!

This is the worst thing that has happened to me it was Easter last year and my oldest who just turned three accidentally clocked one of my twins in the head with a heavy as toy dd2s head swelled so fast and furious she was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with fluid on the skull aka a hematoma and this usually happen with high impact accidents like a car crash!!!! My dd2 was only 7 months old her head was like a balloon but she was ok her head went back to normal within a month, I bet the crap outta myself thinking I should of watches them closer dd2 should of been told to atop swinging that stupid toy around in a circle but it happens hun.
His ok and that's the main thing you could baby proof your house to no end and they still will trip over thin air and get a egg on the head <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />
Chin up hun xxx
thanku ladys so much for your kind words I felt the pitts and feel alot better now,My partner gave me a really hard time wich did not help.As you say hes ok and thats the main thing and these things happen.So glad to hear your bubs are fine smile Huggies is such a great place
my worst moment was when my 6yr old was only around 22mths and we were staying with friends in a highset house. one morning she wanted to go up the steps by herself, so i let her and followed right behind her. well, dp wanted to go around us cause we were going slowly, but when he passed us, she took her hand off the rail to look at him, then when she went to put her hand back down, it missed and she fell through the gaps in the side of the steps. i managed to catch her, briefly by her shorts before she fell, upside down, from almost the top of the steps (about 20 steps)!! fortunately, her head landed in a soft patch of dirt and she only had a small graze on the back of her shoulder. we didn't take her to the hospital and she didn't want any panadol as she was actually quite alright, but my dp didn't let up about it and i beat myself up about it for the rest of the day. so yes, these things happen, it's all a part of them growing up, and we can't exactly wrap them in cotton wool cause then they wouldn't learn anything, and put him back in the jolly jumper as i'm sure he'll love it smile
I definitely feel your pain.

When my bub was about 2-3 months I was breastfeeding him and sat up too quickly on the bed and he rolled straight off, ended up face first in a pile of toys, stacked on a bouncer beside my bed.

I felt terrible for a very long time, cried all day. No matter how careful and particular we are about our bubs safety, sometimes things just happen.

Know that your not alone. I think all of us Mums have an incident to recall.

I'm sure your bub will be fine, some extra TLC is all it sounds like he needs smile
It's such an awful feeling isn't it sad
A couple of weeks ago I was in the shower. I always take DS with me and pop him in the bouncer on the floor so I know he's safe. Well DD came into the bathroom and was dancing around. I kept telling her to stop, but she didn't and she FELL ON DS! OMG I was watching it happen knowing I wouldn't reach her in time to stop it. Thank goodness he was in the bouncer so it cushioned him and he was fine, but I was screaming at DD and crying, she was crying hysterically, DS was bawling - God it was horrible!
It is one of the worst things when our little people get hurt, but as the other ladies say it does happen. There is a saying that goes like this..... babies are born tough because they have to survive either first time parents or siblings. I think any parent no matter how long they have been doing it is more like it wink

My story is when my DD1 was a baby -2 wks- I had just finished feeding her on the bed and was burping her. Some of the milk went down the wrong way when she chucked and I went into a full on panic and ran for the bathroom with her on a funny angle -so she wouldn't choke I think-to get something to mop up the mess. I forgot to factor in the fact that I had to go through the doorway and her head got smashed into the doorway on the way through gasp . I cryed and cryed and rang my mum and told her I had killed my baby and made her come over and check her. I have never forgotten it, it was so traumatic for me but it sure taught me to be more careful of doorways wink

When my DD2 was 2 months her dad was taking DD1 to the toilet and had DD2 in his arms and she fell out - he is a tall man- and sommersulted 3 times before hitting the floor.

It is hard but you learn to tackle situations like these easier as time goes by smile
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Shame man... I can imagine how bad u must be feeling but know it happens to all of us. If you met a mother whose baby has not hurt themselves in their care, then that is amazing!

We were at a pub one day and I was walking around with DD in the play area outside and she was walking up and down a bench which wasn't high at all! She must have missed her step and fell off, landing on her shoulder. OMG I thought she was in shock or something coz of the glazed look in her eye. Anyway she couldn't move her arm, even to eat chocolate! Had to take her to the hospital and everything. ANYWAY it turned out she was ok, must have been a bruise or something. I felt horrid sad
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