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Did you find out the sex before the birth? Lock Rss

Just a curious question.
Did you find the out the sex of your baby, before the birth?

We never found out the sex of our darling daughter, but we were all certain that she was going to be a baby boy =] but we got a lovely suprise when we were told that she was a girl =]

I was amazed at how many people don't keep the suprise anymore, and am curious if anyone else did that for their first baby, or second =]!
I found out with both of mine... My guy instinct was right both times anyway lol smile
I'm a lil OCD n control freak with planning things n I NEEDED to know... Hard to explain. There's no way I could've waited til the birth.
I admire those that do though! I think it'd be exciting but I couldn't do it lol. Will be finding out again in just under 6wks! X

=] I understand that some people have a definate reason for wanting to find out. My husband was desperate too find out the sex when i was pregnant, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, i was happy with whatever as long as bubs was healthy with little fingers and toes =]

It took everything in me to not say just tell me! when they asked if i wanted to know the sex or if i do know the sex.
Being pregnant was definately a roller coaster ride though =] An amazing, beautiful roller coaster ride.
We didn't find out either time, I wouldn't change a thing. Watching my husband be brought to tears when our boy was lifted up and he realised he had a son is a memory I'll always cherish. I loved the surprise. I was hell bent that dd was a boy so I got the shock of my life to realise she was a girl, it was pretty awesome!!

I admit i had to find out the sex of my baby at my 20 week scan. I was desperate to start decorating a nursery and i didn't want neutral colours it had to be either boy colours and themed or girl colour's and themed.
I actually had a feeling it was a girl anyway so i kinda secretly started planning thing's girly before i found out, luckly i had a girl otherwise my son would of been in a very girly room.
I think that was one down side to not knowing. Not knowing a name, the clothes, the amount of clothes that i saw when i was pregnant and not being able to buy because i didn't know if our DD was going to be a boy or girl. But i too, treasure the day she was born. My husband was so happy he nearly froze with his tears! Just kept saying "I got my little princess" and i looked at him he kissed my head and thanked me for giving him the most treasured, beautiful, amazing daughter ever. was definately the best day of my life.
All 3 times we have found out. I wanted to keep it a surprise this time, but hubby wanted to know!
Nai&Beau wrote:
We did both times as the first time I didn't want a surprise and this time hubby HAD to know so I gave in! I think it's each to their own as to whether you find out or not smile

definately each to their own =] just highly curious, at our ante natal classes we were the only ones who didn't know. I was amazed because i thought more people wouldn't know. It does have a massive upside to knowing the sex. The decorating, the names, the clothes everything would be so much easier.
I dont want to find out, not for the first one anyway, maybe 2nd or 3rd.

we didn't find out with our first. i didn't no what it was but i just did not want to no what the sex was. hubby did but was happy to wait. turns out it was my saving grace through a really hard and long labour. when they held my wee man up and said its a boy it made the 39 hours of labour just fade away. with my second i was happy to find out for my hubbys sake and also to include my first son. it was amazing when noah first meet lockey he turned around and said " hey mum lockey is out of your tummy thats cool" which does not sound like much but its something i will always remember smile
We didn't find out, neither of us want to so that made it an easy decision for us. I thought for the first 25 weeks it was a boy, cos thats what everyone was telling me, but then after that i somehow 'knew' it was a girl. So neither of us were too surprised when she didn't have any extra appendages wink

I had 2 surprises. I actually guessed both times that I was having a girl.
I much prefer to wait 9 months, it's like waiting to open a present.
It's also more fun for everyone to guess and see who was right and who was wrong. smile

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