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Where do you come from and where are you now? Lock Rss

Sorry! It's a bit quiet today!

I was born in central western NSW. I was actually born in a larger town but where we lived had a population of around 300.

I now live in Sydney and the population of our local/council area is over 300,000.

I'm still a country girl at heart!

Born in Redcliffe. Still here 24 years later, gave birth to my son in the same hospital I was born in
Born in Camden, NSW and now live 10 mins from there. =)
Still live in Ipswich, where I was born and raised. DS was born in the hospital just down the road from where I and hubby were born.
born in Finland moved to western sydney(penrith district) when 7ish, now live in the hawkesbury area

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Born in Melbourne. Moved up to the country when i was 2 to a country town of 15,000 people on the boarder of NSW and VIC on the Murray River, been here ever since so about 24 years grin grin grin
Born in Lismore - NSW...

We have lived all over the country - cities, regionally, typical suburbia & the beautiful outback...

Currently living in a town of approx 900 people in the Goldfields - outback (again gasp ) WA!!
Born in Bega, NSW. It was an hr from where we lived and not far from The grandparents dairy farm where mums parents lived... We lived on a bush property/farm 8kms outta town on the south coast in Narooma smile most gorgeous town of only 6800 ppl approx even today...
Moved to Temora, south west central NSW when I was 17 and it as a town PLUS all the surrounding localities only have 2000 ppl... 600 in the town itself! It has sloganed on its sign "Welcome to Temora, the friendliest town in NSW!" and it certainly is! It might be isolated (though only an hr from Wagga Wagga which has 75,000-80,000 ppl) but got I love it! Beautiful country town!
Spent few years broken on n off in the areas of the snowy mountains and Cooma, NSW... Then Albury, NSW briefly followed by Darlington Point which is TINY and near Griffith, NSW... Then Queanbeyan, NSW n over the boarder to Canberra, ACT!!
I'm refusing to move again now! I like it here - its big enough but not too big and has everything I and the kids need! smile I'm a country girl at heart most definitely and miss loving on a property! Maybe I'll have my own oneday. If i won the lottery lol. But I still visit the family one down the coast n visit Temora where dad has more land... smile

I was born in Melbourne and I'm still in Melbourne, I've never lived anywhere else. I love our interesting weather, lol. grin

i was born in south africa but when i was 10 i moved to auckland, been here more than half my life so consider myself a kiwi. smile

Born in Beaudesert QLD, about an hour inland from the gold coast, grew up all over as my Dad was in the army, spent my teenage years in Lismore NSW (near Byron bay), moved to Brisbane for a bit and then to Sydney where I am now.
Met my husband in Sydney, who funnily enough also grew up in Lismore NSW.

I was born on an island called Fyn which is a part of Denmark. I moved with my family to Tasmania when I was in my teens. I moved to Melbourne for uni, went back to Europe a few times but now live two doors up from my teenage home in tassie.

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