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Sooooo frustrated!!! Lock Rss

Sadly it doesn't get better for a while. Where possible we do it as a team hubby and I but when we are flying solo we have a collection of stuff and sadly at the monent Fireman Sam on the iPhone works a treat. Otherwise we sing songs, get him to help mummy by letting him hold the wipes container, have a stack of small books etc.

Ooh I hate this stage! My boys have both been through really wriggly phases and then it gets better then worse again! I still use the changw table as I find the floor is worse, we use books, singing but i find giving a little tickle and making him laugh makes him stop trying to pull a houdini! Good luck

omg i feel your pain. DS is exactly like that. i hated when i had to change his nappy so much. with all the rolling it could take up to half an hour for a full clothing change. i have finally got it under control. got him some little helicopter toys that i give him at change time. i make little helicopter noises when giving them to him so its like they are flying to him. he loves it. he will suck on them for awhile and then he holds them up just so i can make the helicopter noise for him. grin
im sure you will find something that will work for you.

i feel it too we are at that stage as well with DD2 it used to be her pants would keep her still then singing and talking too etc but now at the moment nothing I am going to try and put the balloon back on the ceiling fan to see if that helps today but she is the same for DH

Yep same problem here and its been going on for months. I am about to switch to nappy pants when my nappy stash runs out so I can stand him up to put them on but that doesnt help cleaning a poo bum. Luckily for me I only get poo bums twice a week and DH is usually home to help. Sorry no advice nothing holds attention here either for longer than 10 seconds.

Oh i am having the same problem here with my DD!!
So very fustrating!!
yep, my lil miss does that too. I tried so many things and the only thing that worked is putting a sticker on the back of her hand and she spent the whole time trying to get it off.

I only found out by mistake as my son was handing out stickers and came and put one on her hand while I was changing her.

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

It's the same for my DD and she is 16 months. I have figured out though if I put her CD player on with her nursery rhymes and sing along with it, it will keep her occupied and still enough for me to get the job done. lol
I think my little one is getting ideas on trying to be mobile while having his nappy changed. Thanks for the sticker idea, definitely one im going to try. Luckily he's not ready to run off from me yet though!!
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