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Do play groups for working new mummies exist? Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

I live in south brisbane and would like to connect with some other parents or parents to be (I'm 35 weeks pregnant), who are working full time. Not going to go into details but because of my personal circumstance I am now single, will be 22 years old in July, and will be returning to full time work when bub is around 8 weeks old.

I love how much support there is around for mums and dads in this day and age. I guess I am just looking to connect with some mummies who either will be or have gone through needing to return to work when bub is so young.

I have read posts of people saying that you shouldn't of had a bub if you have to return to work so soon etc etc...I really don't want to hear any more of those opinions please. I am just needing to do what is best for bub and I, and as the sole provider, and contact or any kind of support from bubs dad not possible, returning to work is my only option.

Sorry if I sound negative!! I am not at all, am very glad to see the amount of support for at home mummies, just wondering if anything exists for the alternative?

Thanks everyone, lots of love xox
Feel for you. Must be hard dealing with the judgement when there's such a battle happening between your heart & your head. Maybe try & see of there are working parent groups in your area. I found it great to meet mums when I had a new born & no mum friends but I wasn't working. But people do start groups specifically for certain circumstances so check it out. Or you could start one. I think it costs about $12 a month or something. Or maybe a Facebook group? Good luck!

Thanks for the empathy!! I'll check it out for sure. I going to a pregnancy expo on saturday and the play group people will be there so Im going to drop by their stall and ask them too smile
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