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Now due to circumstances i had been keeping my baby on an apnea monitor and had him sleeping in his on bassinet, due to batteries and leads lately i wont sleep without him because i can feel him breathing and i feel secure and safe knowing he is okay, i wont let him sleep on his own unless its with a monitor.

Now is it paranoia? i think so But i cant shake it off

How many of you sleep with your babys and whats your thoughts on all this?


Yeah Levi was in his own bassinet right up till 4months and then it was to hard to keep finding these monitor parts and it was hell, now i find myself sleeping with him almost everynight and its getting harder for me to get a good nights rest due to always checking him, sorta trained myself now how to sleep with him.

Im looking at buying this monitor called snuza CHECK IT OUT everyone if your intrested its a SIDS recomended monitor
that angel care is very unreliable.!


Little Miss's wrote:
I have co slept with both my kids but not because of paranoia. I only sleep with them to get some sleep as they weren't sleeping well in their cots/bassinet.

So long as it is done safely I don't see a problem if everyone is getting sleep. So no pillows or blankets, watch baby doesn't over heat (dress similar to parents). Both parents don't drink or smoke or take any medication etc.


I also had a bassinet right next to the bed for those nights where I was super tired.
HappyHead wrote:
This might be of interest

Its a recent article based on new research findings, bed sharing is particularly dangerous for babies under 3 months.

We never co slept but have since they got older, go figure smile Now they want to sleep in Mummies bed and I love it but as babies they were always in their own cot.

interesting article. It is totally contradictory to all the other studies though that found more babies died when sleeping in isolation.

I think this is probably a relevant point in the article.

"While some doctors supported the push for co-sleeping to be strongly ruled out for parents, Chair of the SIDS and Kids National Scientific Advisory Committee Professor Jeanine Young said it was too early for this to be done in Australia. She said the British research did not properly account for some variables, including how the babies were wrapped, and used questionable methods to make up for missing data."

I co-slept with DS because it was the only way I could get any sleep for the first couple of months. And have continued to co-sleep on and off. He is now 5 and will still on the odd occasion jump into bed with DH. I planned to co-sleep with DD for at least the first 2 weeks as it felt safer and we both slept better. She then moved into her bassinet in our room. However at about 4 months her sleeping went backwards and now she starts the night in her cot and depending on how I am feeling, whether I have work or not I will co-sleep with her at some point of the night. DH goes to the other room and DD and I share the bed.

My MW was very pro co-sleeping. I think a lot of the stats are from families that drink heavily, do drugs or have many family member sin the bed. I enjoy it and it means everyone gets some sleep.
DS sleeps in my bed when he's teething (15 months) when he was a newborn I always put him in his bassinet after getting him to fall asleep I think there was one night I fell asleep on the lounge with him on my chest by mistake very thankful nothing happened. For the most part he was a great sleeper and I was lucky.

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Levi has really gotten used to co-sleeping with us, without us in his porta cot or bassinet but feeding times are on demand now and being as tired as i am also its making it easier with my sleeping patterns and getting a good routine, bending down as low as our porta cot though tends to make my sciatica pretty chronic.

I guess four years after having a sids case really does take a toll on your life, maybe with a third child i'll be less paranoid but i dont think it will get much better than where my paranoia stands at this stage.

Its all been helpful and great feedback so thank you!


My son has been teething lately, so instead of trying to get him back to sleep in his own bed and in that process trying to rock him to sleep for an hr or so, I sometimes give up and take him in bed with me. Ever since I had my son, I've been a light sleeper or maybe he is just in the back of my mind 24/7 and I wake up to him. I have him rugged up next to me, or in the middle of my bf and I. I used to sketch out on suffercating him, but he is 9months old now and he moves about just fine. Otherwise he sleeps in his own cot just fine, I have a video monitor which aren't cheap but are great and gives me that peace of mind and saves me running up and down the stairs!

Havn't had a good nights sleep in months!
Proud Part-Time Co-Sleeper here. To both kids. Even with DP in the bed. I completely agree with that articles statement:

"She said explicitly telling parents not to co-sleep could cause some to disengage with health professionals who would be better off giving advice on how to minimise the risks of co-sleeping. She said it could also lead to parents falling asleep with babies in more dangerous environments, such as on sofas or in chairs."

I think health professionals need to work with families and their comfort zone rather than saying 'this is how it's done'. Like new parents need more stress.

My son sleeps with me/us quite a bit. We did a week of co-sleeping when he was about 8-9 wks old or so after the bassinet then he went into the cot. He does pretty well in his cot generally, but since he was about 5 months old his night sleeping has been out. He starts the night out in his cot but can often get really upset when he's put back in his cot after one of his night feeds. At that point I'd bring him in with me. But in saying that, DH has been away for 6 weeks and will be back tomorrow so the co-sleeping won't be happening as much as I don't feel comfortable with the 3 of us in the bed because it isn't a big bed.

When it's just DS & I, I take out all the pillows bare one thin one for me and make sure that no covers etc are near DS. But you also need to feel comfortable and know how your bub sleeps - once my son is asleep, he doesn't move at all, so I'm comfortable with him being with us. If he was a wriggler or moved a bit, it would not be happening.

Also can I just say - there are SAFE ways to co-sleep. E.G., look up a sidecar cot. This is a good idea for younger bubs who are still swaddled and not rolling. Another one is an arms reach co sleeper, I know some babies frmo my birth group are still in those.

Yep bubs always starts off in his bed but always ends up in mine at some point, to be honest I love the cuddles. We have a king size bed so there is plenty of room for me and bubs and DH. DH works 3 - 4 nights a week and isn't in bed then anyway so its no drama. I have just been looking at the sidecar thing and might do that with our cot in our room (he has a cot in his room and one in ours for if we need it). I have part time co slept with all my kiddies and I believe in doing what we have to to get some sleep so we can function. they are only little for such a short time.

If the child is under 5 years of age then parents should avoid sleeping together because it may hurt the child. Get your child a separate place (small and soft bed) to sleep.

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