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Just thought it would be interesting to start a topic to see what ages your little one's started watching TV.
DS didn't watch any TV until he was 2. He is nearly 3 now and I only let him watch .... maybe 1 hour a week.

It is soo bad for their development. It is suggested that you don't let them have any screen time at all before 2 and really limit it before 3. It is for their eye development.
There has been a study that shows for every hour of TV a day that a child under 3 watches, they are 30% more likely to have concentration problems at school.

They may be learning from it, but the information is getting thrown at them rather than them having to work it out for themselves. It is actually causing a lot of problems with children having trouble learning the traditional way because they are used to it all being instant.

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

That's interesting about how they don't learn properly, I can see why after you explaining it. I have friends who didn't let their kids watch TV until 2 and I love the way they entertain themselves and use their imagination so much.
I just realised I sound a bit 'high and mighty'. I didn't meant to come across that way, just want to get the facts out there. I personally would like to know something like that if I didn't already smile

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

I guess there's two sides to every topic...
I personally don't like too much TV for kids. My step kids mum always let them watch TV from when they were babies and its all they want to do .. TV, xbox or computer. We never have the computer out when they're here and we don't have a xbox, we limit them to morning and evening TV. Some people just use TV as a babysitter all the time and I think it's wrong, everything in moderaton I say. They do also have learning difficulties and short attention spans
my bubs is 2 in august and has only just started to actually pay attention to the tv. she will now sit there and watch animated films and she has learnt soo much in the past few weeks from them its actually amazing, yes i know its bad lol
I don't have the tv on very often sometimes on lazy days its on all day but its mainly just background noise and bub diesnt watch it i do he runs around and plays. But bub does sometimes watch tv with granddad before bed. He's 15 months old when he was younger he didn't have tv at all.

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Little Miss's wrote:
I'm pretty relaxed about tv. Our tv is usually on all day but kids shows are usually only on in the morning while we get started. Some days they will watch no tv others its a movie or a few shows. We make sure that they do a wide variety if things each day so I'm not worried about a little bit of tv. smile

Yep same at our house. Our tv is generally on and I find that because ds is used to it being on its not 'special' or a treat to watch tv and therefore he can take or leave it. He is more interested in playing with his toys than watching tv 99% of the time. I don't make a big deal out of tv smile
i have it on for sunrise of a mornign and they do not pay attention to it, but with 'DD1' becuase she is impaired in so many way we put play school on for her espically when dd2 is down for naps but she likes listening to them sing etc and is quite relaxed for one epsiode. I have it to record it so I can play it for her anytime. We also have the Rythm time DVD which i play once every 2-3 days for them but I get down and sing and do the actions with them they love it cause I am with them dd1 tries to wave at the kids on it, but that is all her watching TV MIL thinks she should be watching TV so I take them outside when ever she looks like she is taking dd1 towards the TV. DH when he is home sits himself infront of the TV with them however he does play wiht them while watchign and I dont realy like it but he is not home much and thats is his tv watchign time so i let it happen

Shakespeare. wrote:
I guess there's two sides to every topic...

that study is talking about primary school kids. I think the general issue is with babies and pre-primary kids.
dd1 didn't start watching until she was 2.5 / 3 yrs old and it was (and still is) really only iview, or dvds or shows we download. We don't have a tv so we only use the computer. dd2 was a bit younger as she was would see it when dd1 was watching. She wasn't really interested until she was a bit over 2 though.
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