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  5. it has come to my attention.. RN's or students

it has come to my attention.. RN's or students Lock Rss

that there are a few nurses on here... =)

how many RN's? or students exactly??

would you be happy to share some of your knowledge with me when I need it? I am 1st year
I'm a Pharmacy Technician, I've done over 5 years for two DHBs. Happy to help with any medicines stuff if I know it, specific legislation around it, or if you wind up using Pyxis smile

Meeeee as you know! grin

student nurse here

Eranda wrote:
Pharmacist here.

Becaful wrote:
or if you wind up using Pyxis smile
I have a friend who worked in the ED at one of the big Melbourne hospitals, and it was her job to fix Pyxis when it was down, or jammed, or confused. She spent most of her time wanting to stab herself in the eye.

Haha yes Pyxis can be the bane of your existence. I was the back up, always on the phone about it, fixing it, supervising people fix it, teaching people how to use it, telling people why they've got no stock coz they all take it out wrong!! lol Lucky for me we had a Full Time Technician that it did it lol.

Rebecca, looks like you will have a wealth of knowledge here!

Supermummy wrote:
Lol. Im an RN. Studied in NZ. Where you studying Rebecca?

studying at whitireia in wellington. loving it there just on the best placement ever atm

chalys 'n' J wrote:
Meeeee as you know! grin

of course your on the top of my list!!!! =)

yay looks like I have some handy people on here for my study as well as all this motherhood! whoop whoop!
yep full time, im placed in an endoscopy ward atm and loving it. not a bad place for my first year =)
Another RN here. Glad you are enjoying your placement! Soak up as much as you can as a student!

Follow my blog "Bed Rest for Baby" at

Was an RN. Didn't renew my registration though as I won't be working for at least 5 years... I only just managed to finish my graduate program before stopping to have DD though... So only worked for a year and spent 9 months of that in the theatres!

But will most definitely help if I can, although there are many more who have been working for a lot longer and have waaay more knowledge than me... good luck on your course! I hated studying but loved working smile

Are you at Hutt Hospital or wellington regional? I did 2 years at Wellington in the Pharmacy. There are some really lovely nurses there and lots to learn. You'll definitely use a Pyxis if you're there wink

I'm a student RN and in my last semester smile Very happy to be graduating! I recently spent some time in endoscopy too, very interesting.

First we had Each Other, Then we had You, Now we have Everything

Coastie girl that's a loaded question! Lol

I love and hate my job at the same time. It's hard to explain... I think nurses actually get addicted to their job, it's kind of like an adrenalin rush. Yet a lot of the time the conditions are so terrible that we hate it. I don't think it's going to get better anytime soon. Pretty much everywhere runs their hospitals understaffed. It's stressful and there's a lot of pressure. People crack the shits at you because they don't understand just how much you have to get through, and people ring the bells every few minutes to ask for annoying things like tv remotes, towels and some people will even ask you to make them a cuppa.

You have to grow some balls basically. I was a very shy person once upon a time. But if you don't learn how to say no, you will burn out. Self preservation is a must.

Before I studied I went to our hospital here to do 3 days volunteering so that I could see if I liked it. At that time, it was awesome. There were heaps of staff an I decided to do it. If I know then that it was going to become like this, I probably would have studied teaching or something that allowed me to at least sit down at some stage during my day.

Having said that, it's very rewarding when you make a difference in someone's life. When someone thanks you and you can see that they mean it from the deepest depths of their soul. Or even when someone dies and you are allowed the privelledge of holding the closest loved one while they sob on your shoulder. Some aspects are emotionally difficult to cope with, but its all part and parcel of the job.

Nurses are usually very passionate and very opinionated... With a screwed up sense of humour. The humour comes I think as a coping mechanism. You laugh at inappropriate things when no one can see, it's not that we're insensitive... But you have to be able to laugh throughout your shifts to get through them.

I actually wouldn't recommend doing it if you have something else you wouldn't mind doing. I don't see things getting any better. I also don't know how I will cope with nursing when I'm older, unless I get some cushy community nurse job or something. But the fast pace is not for a retiree so I will have to think about that later on!!

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