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Friends borrowing baby things- awkward situation HELP! Lock Rss

Just the other morning a pregnant friend was over and asked if she could lend my breast pump and bassinett (both of which I am still using). My DD is only 6 months and I was a little surprised with the sudden question and just answered "sure!".
Her bub is due in ten weeks so I know I will be finished with both items then since DD if almost fully formula fed now.
My main issue is that I want my things in tip top condition for my next babies (I plan to have three or four) The breast pump is worth $300 and the bassinette $200. They are both well looked after and look new still. We love these friends dearly but they have been known not to look after their things and are not at all material people.
Then I got a msg from her apologising for springing it on me about borrowing things, which I haven't replied to yet. I just don't know what to say or do.
Do I just bite my tongue now and lend them the things, I dont want to hurt her feeling or make things weird and I know they are really struggling financially ???

Just explain to her that you'd like to use them again for your next baby. She will probably understand.
If its really important to you I'd try to be honest and say you'd rather not lend the things. It might be awkward but it would also be awkward if the things come back in not 100% perfect condition (which is likely) and you feel resentful towards her for it. If you're planning on a few kids I'd say you are going to need that stuff! Maybe in replying to her message just acknowledge that her question was sprung on you a bit and say you've thought about it more and changed your mind.

The ABA hire out breast pumps at quite a reasonable rate if she needed one that might be an option. Hope it doesn't get too awkward.
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