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Shoes for 1 year old? Rss

Bobux are good.

My kids were in the soft sole shoes when they first started walking. Didn't put them in the firmer i-walks until 1.5 yrs old.

You can buy then in farmers, I think. Or online at Bobux and

I also got shoes from
When DS just started walking i put him in soft soled shoes, i have only just put him in hard soled shoes.

All shoes seem to be different. I tried on heaps of shoes with DS at kmart and they didnt fit. The shoes were too long but not wide enough. Went to the warehouse and the shoes there fit perfectly. Didnt want to spend to much money as kids grow out of these things so fast.

Futurefeet is a great store if you are in Auckland. That is where I get my kids shoes from.
Ds is just over 1 and we have a few pairs of shoes, but when I try to put them on him he rolls his toes under and makes it near impossible, so the only ones we use at the moment are soft leather ones, like these ones (but ours aren't pink! smile)

Yeah, bobux are great! The sleep store quite often has really good sales of them.

Yep, im a fan of Bobux's too. My babies feet are really chunky so its quite difficult to try and squeeze them into harder shoes and tbh it kinda scares me. Lol.

just little soft soled shoes- like the Dunlop volleys you can get are great for first walkers

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