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Going out of my mind Lock Rss

Yep age I would think too.
DS is so so much less grumpy now he is walking on his own, I think he was really frustrated before.
I also think that he kind of gets bored with me at home. We do try to go out and do something every morning as at home for the whole morning I would go out of my mind.
DH is not home all the time, so when he is it's such a novelty and DS and him do exciting things like work on his truck or hang out in the shed together.

my dd was the same it lasted about 6 months she was so much hard work it wasn't funny but to look at her now you wouldn't think she was the same little girl she was back then.
*Mimsy wrote:
I just very snottily announced to DP that Lilah's going to be an only child

LMAO - I said the same thing to DF about a week ago after spending hours getting a teething (I didn't know she was) DD down to sleep. tongue I'm sure it's just a phase which will pass for you soon... and then you'll forget all about it and make another one ph34r *hugs* anyway smile

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