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How old was yr baby when you left them with grandparents Lock Rss

DD1 was 5 weeks old when i went back to work PT so my mum looked after her while i worked... If you feel comfortable leaving him then i say go for it smile

I left DD3 with my Mum when she was about 6 weeks old for the whole day - 8am ish until about 8 pm ish.

It was DD1's 11th birthday, and we promised her we would take her to Luna Park the previous birthday (prior to getting preggas). So we took her and DD2 and a few friends.

I had a little seperation anxiety, but I had every confidence in my mother and knew she would be fine. I couldn't ignore the older girls just because there was a new baby. Poor third child just fits in/tags along lol

I think, do it when you're comfortable with it. If you aren't ready yet, you probably wouldn't enjoy yourself anyway. You could do something special at home with DH until you feel more ready to leave DS for longer periods.

3 girls are enough...the shop is now shut!

Never! (we don't live in the same city) But we left both boys with the neighbours for a little while when DS2 was 2 months old to take our sick dog to the vet. 4 weeks seems really young but if he has had a big feed before you go then he should be okay. But if you are not really that keen then why force it, you'll just be thinking/talking about him the whole time!

5 months old smile I was so knackered I didn't feel the desire before then and didn't want to be away from him. We had movie nights at home and had friends over too.

It was our anniversary when he was 5 months old so we went to the movies. Then not again till he was over 12 months I think. We don't get out much lol.

Hmm I'm ttc ATM and have been around babies my whole life. My best gf has 2girls under 2, and in addition to working part time about once a month her and her fiancé go on a date night and leave the girls with their grandparents. On the orherhand I have an aunty and uncle who have not had a night out alone since their first son was born 3 and a half yrs ago.

Although I'm not lucky enough to have babies yet I know how important it is to be comfortable leaving your kids with a trusted family member. It's important for your relationship also to have that time together.

Hopefully this is something you'll be comfortable with soon

Good luck
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