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13 month old + twins = 3 carseats....What car to choose? Lock Rss


We have a Toyota Corolla now, and that's obviously not going to work shortly. We currently have a capsule for our currently 8 mth old, but early in Jan we'll have 2 x new editions.

So we're looking for a car that will take 1x carseat and 2x capsule, that will also be able to take 3x carseats eventually.

Don't mind a people mover, cause we'll have lots of stuff, double pram, general baby stuff, but unless they can all fit in the middle row all the boot spaces on people movers we've looked at are miniscule!

Anyone have a people mover that can fit 3x carseats in the middle row? Are we better off getting an SUV? We like the idea of taking more than just our family in the car too...

Would love to hear if anyone has something that works!?

I have a commodore. Have had a few over the years with the kids. When the twins were born our DD was almost three. We put her in the middle and the twins on either side. It worked well for us. We now have a wagon and have plenty of room the carry everything that goes with three kids.

We had no issue fitting three car seats across the back. We did buy the extension for the buckle as it was easier for our DD to do her belt up after she went into the normal seat belt. But before that I would do the 5 point harness up.

Totally agree that with the people movers/SUV when you use the third row you have no space to put the pram and shopping or luggage when going away.

God luck


I did a lot of searching for another car when our third was due. We had a Subaru Forrester that was tight with just two seats, was never fitting the third seat in!

So we have two safe and sound maxi riders and a safe and sound meridian...rather large, wide seats! But I loved my matching set (all are in grey frost) and I was determined to find a car to fit them rather than get smaller narrower seats! Crazy pregnancy hormones!

I quite literally dragged the three seats around every car yard in our area and tried them in before test driving! If they didn't fit I didn't waste time driving around.

What I found was like you the larger 7 seater SUVs boot space was minimal when you had the third row of seats in use or they didn't have car seat anchors in the third row so could only use seats in the middle row and even then not many models had three anchors on the middle row... Hope that's making sense.

The Ford Territory and Toyota Kluger were two of the better 7 seaters we looked at. The Subaru Tribeca was good and I'd still get a pram in the boot with the third row of seats up but heavy on fuel consumption and we wanted something more fuel efficient...

Anyway, it made a huge difference as to what order I put my three seats in, so if the meridian was in the middle and the maxi riders on either side I had no real worries but any other order they wouldn't fit.... Plus if I put one or two in recline the "moulded" together for a better fit.. It was trial and error.

Couldn't get them in any car without a flat back seat, so anything with a bucket type seat was out.

My hubby had Commodore Omega wagon when we first bought our third child home, we had to go and get three narrow car seats (two safe and sound compacts and a maxi rider) but the commodore did have bucket seats... He now has an Hyundai i40 wagon and it has a flat seat and they fit no troubles..

I ended up with a Honda CRV.. It fits my three large seats with ease.

But my advice... Shop around for seats, test them in different combinations and go for a flat back seat! You'll be surprised how many cars you'll get them in!

Congrats on your pregnancy!!

There is 13 months 6 days between my first and twins. We already had a commodore when we found out we were expecting twins so at first we used this and fit 3 car seats across the back fine. But when the twins were a few months old we updated our car. We knew we would have a 4th so we went with the ford territory 7 seater and I can't recommend it enough. As a 5 seater the boot space is massive!!! The car is so comfortable and has all the little luxuries. As a 7 seater there is just enough room to fit our pram but that's it. I don't want to drive a massive car so I'm happy to put up with the lack of boot space when #4 gets here in a few months.
We have a Kia Grand Carnivale. You can fit 3 seat across the middle row (ours are all safe and sound ones and they all fit with ease) but with it's sunken boot even if you use the back row there is still plenty of back space. You can also remove any or all of the seats from the middle row for easier access to the back row rather then climbing all over seats.

As an indicator to how big the boot is, we picked up a tall boy chest of draws with all the kids and their car seats in the car (middle and back row) and were still able to fit the chest of draws in the back. The guy we purchased it off was stunned. Plus because we had taken one of the seats out we had plenty of space still in the car which we filled with beach and picnic gear to take the kids to the beach for the day.

Have you checked out electric transportation vehicles? I'm specifically referring to electric golf carts like the ones you can find here:
Not sure if you'd be interested, so I just posted the link so you can check out their people movers.
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