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Hey mums
What kids DVDs have lots of music / songs throughout them? Thinking along the lines of an animated movie
Not the wiggles, have a couple of those already!

hmm i'm not sure. Its not a movie or animated but maybe Yo Gabba Gabba.
Yeah that's what I thought I'd do, get some recommendations then go to DVD shop
I'm a bit out of touch with current DVDs - only ones I could really think of was the lion king and shrek smile
Raggs ( ). It's a puppy preschool with 5 different puppies in it who are all part of a band. It's an episodic show with breaks to get up and sing and dance with the band as well as looking at various learning concepts like sharing etc through the story arc for that day, letters from 'pen pals' asking the puppies questions that get answered etc as well as little breaks where Dumpster, the clubhouse pet cat, makes some comment about what the puppies have just done. One interesting part I find to the show is that one of the puppies, B-Max from memory, is actually in a wheelchair but nothing is ever said to really highlight this fact, it's just how he is.

My kids adore the Jungle book movie and Robin Hood. They are old school but have some very catchy songs. Any Walt Disney kids' movies are good really, just google them.
Most Disney movies.

Big hits in this house is The Little Mermaid, Frozen, Peter Pan, Aladdin and a huge favourite is Gnomeo and Juliet (Elton John all through that one- surprisingly a great movie!!)
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