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Help name our baby boy due in 32 days!!! Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

I need help!! I have a, not so short, short list and I need suggestions/comments. Last name starts with S and is two syllables. Sibs are Holly Louise and Cameron John

So far our list is;

Carter James
Hunter James
Bailey Ray
Blake Allan
Fletcher James
Lewis Allan
Joshua James
Caden James
Cohen James
Zak Allan
Laiken James
Jameson Ray
Sawyer James

I also like Max, Leo, Byron and Taj.

Which would be your favourite on my list?

Fletcher James is my favourite from your list
Because you have already got a 'C' and 'H' name I wouldn't go another.

My faves from your list would be Blake and Max as I think they go best with the other sibling names.

I like Bailey Ray or Blake Allan

I prefer Leo, Max and Byron out of all those names, and the second name James or Allan. Probably Leo James is my favourite. I am not fond of Ray as a middle name - no offence meant but Bailey Ray immediately sounds like a country and western artist of some kind. (Nothing wrong with C and W, but is that the sound you want in the name?)
I agree it does sound a bit country and western hehe I originally had Bailey James but dont want the 'BJ' initials.
Blake or Carter
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