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Anyone else needed surgery while bf? Lock Rss

Ok so surgery is set for Monday :/ will let you know how bub goes smile merry Christmas every one smile
Ok so had surgery on Monday and bub was very happy to see me Tuesday morning:) Monday night was not so happy do recorded bub crying as he has never heard her cry like that sad after listing to it I have not either in her almost 1 year , she will not let me outta her sight now if I go to the loo she bawls ,she will crawl up to me and pull her self up and say ta to be picked up and I can't pick her up dr says 6 weeks till I can sad but on the sheet it says 2 weeks it is breaking my heart:( what has been everyone else's experiance with surgery and lifting Bub?
DD1 was a bit older when I had my gall bladder out but what I'd do when I knew she wanted to be picked up was I'd sit down on the couch and then she'd either climb onto the couch herself or DH would help her up onto the couch and from there I'd put my arms out to her and she'd kind of walk into them and settle onto my lap (I had a couch cushion against my tummy so things didn't hurt too much/I had some extra protection there from her knees and jabs). It worked for me although I don't know if it will work for you.

Actually picking her up, I can't remember how long it was but I'd say definitely wait for at least 2 weeks. while the external evidence is fairly minimal after keyhole surgery the internal impact is still fairly similar so you really want to give yourself time to really heal. When I did get to the point of starting to pick her up I'd encourage DD1 to climb onto a chair or something and then pick her up from there so that I wasn't lifting her all the way from the ground etc, but again, she was older so could do those types of things. I was also lucky that DH was actually on 5 weeks holiday when I had my op so was there to help out for most of the recovery time.

Hope things settle down for you soon, she's just looking for reassurance that you're still there for now.

Good advise thanks smile
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