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What pram do you recommend? Lock Rss

I am a FTM and need advice. I would like something that can have the option of having the baby face both directions and can sit upright when bub grows. any ideas?
I have a valco rebel q and this fits both of your criteria. I don't have any major complaints about this pram, I loved that it could lay flat for a newborn. Good luck looking, it is a hard decision

Any bugaboo will do this.
I have a strider plus it does both the things you are after and is great when in use. We got it to add the second seat as we wanted two kids close in age. Although I do like using it, it is the bulkiest heaviest pram! I have a big car and it still takes up most of the boot.

Bugaboo! Definitely worth having a look. Easy to pick up second hand too - 'Bug mumma's' tend to really look after their Bugs and second hand they are still in good condition. That are really well made and last a long time.
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