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10 month old dignoised hip dysplasa Lock Rss

my daughter of 10 months has just been diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia awaiting specialist treatment plan and was wondering if anyone else has been through the same things and what there treatment plans were? extremely nervous and feeling emotional for her.
My DD was diagnosed at birth with hip dysplasia. She was put in the pavlic harness for two months and it fixed the problem. Sorry probably not much help as I'm not sure what they do for older babies. As long as it is picked up now and fixed she should not have any issues later on in life. My DD is now 9 years old and you would never have known that she was born with it and needed the harness.

Good luck. Keep us posted with how you get on. If you need any other advice please don't hesitate to ask.

thankyou for replying im hoping that all she needs but never sure what they are going too recommend its good to know im not alone though!! xo
Your definitely not alone. I hope all goes well with your appointment. Please keep us posted.

Good luck.

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