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Baby starting to crawl - 6 months? Lock Rss

Hi all,

Just wondering when your bubs became mobile?

My little man has just turned 6 months old and has started, well what I would call almost a crab shuffle. On all fours he moves side to side, backwards and forwards and pretty much can get anywhere he wants. Which frightens me a little as he's only 6 months! My daughter was crawling at 8 months (rolling everywhere from 7 months).

I'm nowhere near ready for him to be mobile. Thought I might have had a couple more months to get everything baby proofed again! I haven't known any babies to be mobile so soon, so I guess I'm just trying to ease my mind a bit (that probably doesn't make sense!)

My 3 have all start crawling by 6 months walking by 10.5.
Each slightly earlier to. they have something they want to follow/catch. (Sibling Love)
My boy was 6 months and my girl was 5 months for propr crawling they both commando crawled before that for a month
I think we were 7 months for crawling.

You're in for it now!! My son started crawling at 5.5months & within two weeks was sitting up, pulling up to stand & walking the lounge! I blame the fact that he has two big sisters to try to chase!! My girls didn't crawl until 10mnths, walked @ 13 for the first & crawling at 8 walking at 11 with the second.
Well you'r lucky if your baby has started to make moves at the age of 6 months. I remember my child hasn't started to crawl even when he was 10 months old. He started to crawl at the age of 1 year. May be every kid is different, some starts crawling early while some late. At that time I had to make a lot of efforts to make him crawl. well for those people who also wants to make their baby crawl early, I've found the relevant article Its just like the article, which I had find at that time. I am hopping if this can help somebody, then I'll find myself lucky, that I have helped someone.
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