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5 month old babies out there? Lock Rss

Hi I'm the mother of a beautiful 5 month old baby girl. Was just wondering who else has a baby of same age to discuss sleeping, feeding, and other development related topics. Its just nice to talk to others who are at the same parenting stage and to ask advice from on topics that are currently relevant to our babies learning journey. Would be great to hear from you smile

Hi I have a 4 month old girl, happy to chat if you want to.
I have a 4 month old boy. smile
Hi there! Have you started your bubs on solids yet? I've just started very slowly seems she doesn't like apple or pear lol! I've been breastfeeding on demand since birth and lately she's been waking up twice during the night for milk. What about you guys? I know she can sleep much longer cause she's done a few all nighters plus lots of 5-6 hour stints but it seems to be 3 hourly at the moment! Not sure whether I continue or need to change my strategy if you get me? What's going on with your bubs at the moment?

No solids yet but I think it'll happen very soon I want to do blw so I'm trying to hold off. She's a fantastic sleeper she sleeps 8pm-7am every night for the last month or so.
How strange she doesn't like apple or pear maybe try something savoury like pumpkin or carrot

She's trying very hard to crawl she pulls herself almost on to her knees and she can sit really well but not to long. She can roll and laugh too.

When were your babies born?
11 December, oh man how did u get her to sleep that long for?have tried pumpkin and kumera which seem a bit better to taste.

I didn't do anything she just did it herself I've been pretty surprised by it too.

Do you have any other kids?
No baby 1 so its such a huge learning curve and lifestyle change for sure lol! We are doing free movement with bubs meaning we don't put her into positions she hasn't learned to get into independently so she's currently trying to roll from back to tummy so cool watch her achieve this at the moment. I'm back to work 3 days a week in July so hoping her night sleeps improve before then or I'll be a walking zombie!

Makes sense about the free moment thing I've thought about it but haven't done it. Eden is my third my other two are 2 and almost 5.

What do you do for work? Hopefully she sleeps better soon
anyone done baby led weaning when starting solids? im thinking about doing this when she turns 6 months or older? ive given up on the pureed food at the moment shes not that into it and i dont want to push the issue hence thinking about the baby led weaning. thoughts....

I did baby led weaning with my daughter you should be alright to start it now just obviously keep an eye on her.
My daughter was almost 5 months when I started her I kept an eye on her she did fine. Chunks/fingers of soft foods sit her in the high chair and let her go for it.
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