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Need to vent! Lock Rss

I need to vent!
I feel like I just can't catch a break! I've spent most of last week working on sleep training with our 11month old.
He's gone from waking 3-6times a night and having to be fed back to sleep or sleeping in our bed to waking once a night for a feed (I'm okay with that) and self soothing himself to sleep and back to sleep if he wakes. I was so so happy that finally something had worked and now he is sick! Before this it was that he was teething. Now he's back to waking 3+ times a night and last night spent most of the night in our bed cos I was too tired to put him back (he's breastfed so I fall asleep feeding him)
I hated having to leave him cry, but two nights and it worked, he was putting himself to sleep and staying asleep, two nights he even slept from 7pm-4.30am without waking!!
Now I'm going to have to do that all over again, I couldn't just leave him crying while he's coughing and spluttering from being sick sad
I'm so frustrated and just want to catch a break. Between these issues and my Mr almost three-nager driving me up the walls I feel like I'm going to explode!
What do you mummy's do to keep your cool?

Isn't that upsetting when you finally feel like they are getting into a good routine and they get sick or start teething and your back to square one! Just wanted to say you will get through this as exhausted as you feel right now. I would totally keep them in bed with you if that's what's working while they are sick and then once they are better I'd go back to the previous routine. Even if that means crying to get back to sleep again, he caught on fast the first time, hopefully he'll do it again.

As for your self, when I'm at my whit's end I arrange for my husband to have the kids one Saturday afternoon or if need be one evening and go for a walk some where, maybe browse the shops but just something to get away from it all. Good luck with it all and vent way, that in itself can often make you feel better smile
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