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Rear facing car seat Lock Rss

i was aware before having my little one that babies are safer when refacing. The current guidelines say till two so this was something I asked the sales adviser when buying my current car seat. Turns out that he lied and the company won't take the seat back for a refund. I'm a very relexed mum but this is one thing I can't be relexed on. So my little one is 9 months and he is reaching the height markers which say the car seat needs to go from rear facing to forward facing.
As I'm going to be spending a lot more money I really want to make sure that I get it right this time and I've been spending a lot of time researching different seats. From what I've read I want a seat that my little one can stay rearfacing to at least 4. My car also does not have isofix points so it needs to be a seat that uses the seat belt and teather straps.
I'm really struggling to find many places that sell these in NZ. Do any other parents know where I can find these types of seats? Has anyone got a car seat that rear faces for an extended time what's your opinion on the seat you have got?
Are you near a baby on the move they are really helpful with this sort of thing. I too am keeping my DD rear-facing as long as possible. We have recently changed our carseat as I didn't like the old one, I didn't feel the old one was secure enough and the straps were a pain. We recently brought a britax clicktight. Wanted to get a rainier but it wouldn't fit in our car without having front seat more or less at the dashboard. I love my new carseat will only last until she is around 4 though. But we decided we will then upgrade to one that will last until 8+.
Diono Rainer, safety 1st advanced air, cosco, evenflo are just a few they will last until at least 2. Farmers sell cosco and you can get them half price in their half price nursery sale. If you want to know any info the NZ child restraints pages on Facebook is awesome and does lots of reviews, she also offers a rent to buy scheme if you live in Auckland

I kept my son rear facing till 4 years old in a Brio Zento. Loved it, great seat. Not as tall as the Diono seats so fits well in most cars.

I agree with previous poster about contacting baby on the move. They are really helpful.

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