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I am looking for a pram that allows the car capsule to clip straight in so I don't have to disturb my bub. Any suggestions please?
Allows looking for a cot that is a bassinet and the converts to a cot. Any suggestions please?

We are using a milano carseat and pram. You can buy a base for the capsule so it also can just click into the car, and then it can also clip into the pram smile
Most cots have a higher bassinet level in them. You just lower it when bub gets bigger. We borrowed a bassinet and it was the same height as the top level in the cot so we just used the cot from the time we brought baby home. We use a grotime cot

We have a Steelcraft Strider Compact (stroller) My partner was quite persistent in wanting the additional capsule for our first born. I was a little hesitant as it was an added expense, but it was the best purchase we made!

The stroller itself it really sturdy, durable and easy to steer. The wheels are not too big & great for use at the shops, going for walks on grass/footpath and the added bonus is it's quite easy to fold up and put away. I would highly recommend testing it out when you can!

The capsule is easy to use, easy to click into the pram and take out, all while keeping the baby comfortable and sleeping. We were able to use the capsule for our son for approximately 5 months and then he was too big & needed a car seat. It's lightweight and has lots of protective padding for bubs!

All the best smile

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