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Traveling with a baby on a long haul Lock Rss

Have you got any advice or maybe you can tell us about your good or bad stories!
Hello, I have 2 year old baby... before some days ago I was travelling with my daughter and wife for long journeys in train... if you are going long travel with baby hen you must remember their extra cloths, Disposable nappies, baby blanket and most important baby milk bottle.. don't forget that because when me & my wife was going my wife forget that and we are troubling so much... smile
Travelling With newborn/toddlers can be nerve-racking, especially for first time parents. Always be ready with your itinerary (including any phone numbers you'll need) and a map of your destination in your carry-on. If it is air travel, one must carry pacifier or bottle during take-off and initial descent, to avoid ear pain from cabin pressure. And then there few general tips like arranging clothing according to climate, bringing enough baby food / formula etc. The most important is, packing a first aid-kit, with supplies such as infant paracetamol for relieving a fever, a colic treatment, saline nose drops for stuffy noses, and teething gel.

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