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MIL driving me crazy Lock Rss

Hi everyone. I usually wouldn't post on here but I am so annoyed with my MIL. I gave birth toy first baby the first of December 2015 and we currently live with the in laws while I'm on parental leave.

The thing that has me so mad at the moment is that she sprayed my 5 week old baby with perfume! Not only on his clothes but on his skin as well. I am so angry. He already has very sesitice skin and there is no reason at all to spray a baby with perfume! Also every night while I'm with baby my partner takes baby to say hello then she always changes his clothes and wipes him down or gives him a bath or she keeps him in her room for 2 or 3 hours. This makes me so mad as I'm just sitting in my room waiting for baby to come back to me. And another thing that works on my nerves is that she always calls him 'my baby' and she keeps saying we should have another baby so she can take care of this one. I don't know if I'm over reacting but it's hard enough living in their house but it's so much worse when they take him into their room every night and I have to wait for him to come back. My partner does not support me at all when I tell him it bothers me. Instead he told me I'm selfish. I feel so alone and overwhelmed living here and having someone take my baby away from me. I don't even want to leave my room anymore. Please help!
Wow, that sounds hard to deal with you poor thing. Sometimes grandparents get so caught up in their excitement and they fall in love with their grandchildren so much that they forget they are not the parents!

It's nice she wants to help though with baths etc but should only really do it if you ask - not just take the baby and certainly not for hours at a time. Maybe she thinks she's helping so that you can have a rest?

If you are not happy then you need to speak to her directly - be respectful but firm. Just try and calmly explain that you appreciate her help but are not happy with her taking the baby for hours at a time as you are trying to learn to be a parent and you need to be with your baby and would prefer to bathe him yourself etc. Ask her to remember how she felt when she had her babies and whether she would want someone taking them away or 'taking over'. Perhaps suggest some other ways she could help you - things that you would really appreciate such as if she could cook dinner or lunch for you or something else.

Good luck - I know this stuff can be awkward. If you be calm and respectful no matter what then it should help.

I am no expert with inlaws but you need to get your husband to understand how you feel, so he can support you and the decisions you make. Living in their house will certainly make thing harder but they will hopefully understand if you can talk to them.
Maybe some compromises. NO perfume and she can bath bub every couple of days. Its your special time with bub. MIL has had her time.

Good luck
I can totally understand why you're annoyed! With my first son my partner and i were living with my parents and my mum would completly take over! Doing the same as your MIL but worse! She would come in our room while we all were sleeping and take our son to go and be with her! I only knew because i woke up in the middle of the night and she was in my room in the dark at the bassinet.. So we had to start locking our bedroom door then that caused big fights because we were "keeping" him from her.. She would beg us to go out so she could babysit, it became ridicoulous and it was scary how obsessed she became of my son..
We told her we were moving out into our own place and she told me that she wanted my son to live with her or she would never speak to me again, so 19 months later i live with my partner and 2 sons and have not spoken or seen her since! I know your MIL is probably not that crazy though lol but my mum gradually got worse so keep an eye out for strange behaviour, i've heard of grandparents doing this because they would like more children but cant.
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