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Getting baby to eat meat Lock Rss

Haven't posted on here in years so hope this works. My second son is 13months old and I can't get him to eat any meat. I've tried it all, mince, steak, roast, sausages, chicken, fish, rissoles, even cold chicken & he simply won't touch it no matter how it's cooked.

So my question is, does anyone have any tips for me or should I just keep putting it on his plate and let him go at his own pace? He is an excellent eater and eats everything else just not meat.

Thanks in advance
I'm starting my 6 month old on meat and thinking could you go back to purée it in something ? Like potato or kumera or in a rissole , fritter ? Just a idea
I have tried purée, blending it & all different textures. Just don't know what to try now
Personally I would bother worrying about it. Keep offering a range of healthy foods and let your Bub choose what to eat from it. Sometimes they need to see new things repeatedly before they'll try something.

My son was exceptionally picky (we had a white food only eater) and I used to worry so much and try to push different foods. When I stopped worrying it took away the stress and over time his diet became more varied without me trying. To be honest I think pushing different foods actually made my son more hesitant to try new things.

Also just to add my sons doctor wasn't worried in the slightest. He said as long as he's growing well and healthy, some kids will be picky and it's fine.
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