I was just wondering if ANYONE else has come up with an eczema like rash on their hands after a few months of continuously touching the Milton Sterilised water?

I noticed about 2 months after having baby that my hands started to flare up in this irritating nasty red eczema like rash. All on the tips of my fingers. Looks almost blistery sometimes but constantly itches like eczema would.

I spoke to a couple of my friends about it because after a long arduous process of elimination I was pretty sure it was the Milton water, they said they had a similar rash. One of my friends has it really bad ALL over her hands. I havent touched the water for over a month now and need to use gloves for pretty much everything. And I don't use fragrances of any kind on my hand including soap and shampoo which makes showering a bit difficult lol, but i am interested to know if anyone else out there has had a similar issue and what may have worked to help relieve the issue?

p,s. I am going to drs next week about it as it is becoming too over the top to ignore.