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Please Help! Which pram to buy?? Lock Rss

Hi all I'm due on january 3rd 2017.. we would like to buy a pram soon. This is our first baby, not fussed about a second seat attacthment but would love a car seat carrier attacthment from car to pram. We live in an area where the baby shops only have a few options of prams. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Hubby wants big wheels preferably not foam tyres. We would like as cheap as possible but are willing to pay upto $1100. Thanks in advance.
I just bought a valco snap ultra tailormade pram a few weeks ago for my next bub, which meets a lot of your preferences. I had a rebel q with my last bub which I liked but was too heavy. Just to be really confusing valco makes the snap, snap ultra and the snap ultra tailormade which all have different features.

It's on the cheaper end (I bought online for $470 including shipping). I'm getting the adapter for the safe n sound unity capsule but I believe there's adapters for most of the common capsules. It comes with foam wheels as standard but you can get a sports pack pretty cheap if you want air tyres (this didn't matter to me). Most importantly from my point of view was its light weight (one of the lighter ones around), fits in my car and the seat lies completely flat for a newborn so I don't need to buy a bassinet attachment. I'm pretty happy with it so hopefully it stands the test of time!

There's so many prams on the market I think it's best to decide what features are important to you as that will narrow it down a long way (eg I wanted one well under 10kg which rules out many of the high end prams). It also helps to be able to push one around if possible as some steer much better than others. Hope that helps.
Thanks for your help I'll look into valco
Have a look at BabyZen ->

It is very light and great for getting in and out of the car.
Thanks I'll check it out smile
I had the City Mini for my first and LOVED it! It weighs less than 10kg, folds up with one handle into something that is basically flat-packed and has big wheels (two at the back and two at the front but next to each other so it has the manuverability of three wheels).
When we had our second we bought a Strider Compact (yeah right!) which has two parts, weighs a tonne and is not nearly as manuverable. It was good as it had two seats but I'm so glad we've gone back to the City Mini.

The City range has a bunch of different ones and I believe that you can attach a car capsule to some of theirs. They're also, relatively, cheap so maybe worth a look?
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