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The baby doesn't eat well. Digestive problems? Lock Rss

My son is almost three years old. He's always eaten little, but for the last six months he's just given up on food. After a walk, there's an appetite, but not always. He only eats soup, buckwheat porridge, puree. But here's how we eat: first it seems to eat normally, and then he has a vomiting reflex, and then he begins to spit everything back.
If you give him a cookie or a bun, he bites a couple of times and that's it.
The doctor's appointment is next week. Maybe someone's run into one of these?

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I had and still have really a similar situation with my daughter. Sometimes I think that she eats the energy of the sun or wind. It's absolutely okay because I was the same in my childhood. Now I don't have nutrition problems. Just try not to worry too much, it will get better to 10-12 y.o.
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