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Competitions - 'Vote Seeking'


Huggies Promotions Lock

Hi Huggies Mums, Just popping in a link so that you can easily access the current Huggies Promo...

3 replies

Clairejeanlombardo wrote: I have entered the comp to win a camera but my picture has not come up in the gallery so no one can vote f...


Baby shows in Brisbane Lock

Hi, just wondering if anyone knows about any baby shows or competitions in brissie? I have been g...

8 replies

Hi - We are looking for any enthusiastic parents/carers / P&Cs or dance groups that would like to host a baby show! I am a volun...


Family portraits gone wrong Lock

Hey everyone, I did a family portrait with my 1 year old and 2 month old the other week and got l...

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Baby bonds competition! Lock

Hi Friends, I just entered my beautiful girl in the baby bonds comp and would greatly appreciate ...

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Baby bonds last day vote for my baby and I'll vote yours:)! Lock

Hey girls it's the last day to vote so please vote my baby and I'll vote yours back xxx...

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Baby bonds comp Lock

Hi Girls, If you have a few seconds can you please vote for my lil man he has red hair and blue e...

2 replies

Thanks Hun just voted your lil man!


Vote for my Girl in the Bonds baby search 2016 Lock

Hello everyone, Would very much appreciate if you could all vote for this bundle of cuteness, L...

3 replies

Hey I voted Would love the favour retuned for my little Parker's photo shoot Thank u in advance


All votes returned!! Lock

Please help me vote for my little Parker I would love to win his photo package 4 days to go!!! ...

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Can you help me huggies moderator? Lock

I'm trying to enter my baby in the Winter photo competition but I'm not sure how. Can y...

5 replies



Help me win a baby carrier! Lock Follow the link- it'll take you to facebook- and just like tha...

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plz help me Lock

My lil man's in a baby model search to model a baby clothing line bonds. I need votes and on...

1 reply

What a cutie! I have voted for him, good luck!


Bonds babysearch Lock

Hi all! Please sign up and vote for my little guy by clicking the link below

1 reply

Voted!!! He is adorable. Mind returning the favour? vote for my baby boy Maneet by clicking the link below. Then send me the screen...

Stina Mack


Hi all, I always come on here and vote for everyones kids when asked even though i dont post much...

2 replies

Voted, good luck!!! Pls vote for my baby boy Maneet by clicking the link below. Remember to confirm your vote through e-mail.Then s...


Pls vote for my baby boy Maneet at Bonds baby search 2015 Lock

Hi all! Please sign up and vote for my baby boy by clicking the link below. Remember to confirm y...

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pls Vote for my baby girl maya Lock

Hi all could you pls vote for maya Thanks for voting fo...

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Any Baby shows Melbourne Lock

Im in Pakenham and looking for any baby shows up and coming. ill pretty much travel to where ever...

1 reply

Hi my name is Tanya and I run baby shows in support of the Starlight foundation. Please feel free to join the group Time to Shine Ba...


melbourne baby show dates and locations-take a look Lock

well I thought I would post these up as all the money goes for a good cause (the epilepsy foundat...

5 replies

Hi my name is Tanya and I run Baby shows supporting the Starlight foundation. Please feel free to join my group and page on faceboo...


Please vote for baby Sophia :) Lock

Hi guys can you please vote for my little Sophia, thanks!

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vote for Harley :) Lock

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Everyone's Got a Bottom Lock

This is a book that every parent should have. The main message is ‘We all have bodies and we wa...

2 replies

Hi there, i was recently recommended this book, and was wondering if anyone knew where to get it from? I tried ordering direct from ...



Hey everyone, I entered my newborn daughter into a baby photo contest to win a photoshoot and i...

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Please take 30 seconds to vote if you find our video funny! Lock

Hi Ladies and gents, can i ask a favour please!! Can I please ask that you take 30 seconds out of...

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Barcodes Lock

Hi, I have recently moved house and during the packing I found a stash of barcodes I had been co...

1 reply



Bonds Baby Search 2014 - Please add your link and lets help each other out xx Lock

Please add your childs link so we can help each other out xx

11 replies

L00AA wrote: Please add your childs link so we can help each other out xx let's help each other then my link


Beautiful Lexis needs votes Lock

Pls vote for my little girl to be bonds baby 2014

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vote for me Lock

vote for me

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Bonds Baby Search - Vote for Ethan Lock

Please click on this link to vote for Ethan in the 2012 Bonds Baby Search. http://babysearch.bon...

17 replies

Hey just voted pls vote for my lil girl plssss


Bonds Baby search 2014- baby Estel Lock

I dont have many friends and even my friends on facebook are sick of seeing my posts asking to vo...

1 reply


Bonds Comp/Sale Lock

Thought I'd share in case anyone liked their bonds and didn't know about this. http://...

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Would love a vote or two, thanks Lock

Would love it if you could vote for my daughter Brooklyn. Thanks so much in advance http://www...

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Homemade One of a kind Binky NZ Lock

I'm currently running a small comp for my business which will be open at the end of Feb. I w...

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50 free prints?? Lock

Hi, Just wondering how to get these? I am signed up but when I check out it still costs me to g...

1 reply

Are you only ordering standard size prints? I don't think you need a code but it was a long time ago I signed up. If you go to ...


trouble entering comp Lock

anyone else have trouble entering Christmas baby pic comp? I got to the end n it said trouble w a...

1 reply

Please send us an email at [email protected] and we can chat directly to resolve the problem you are having. TIA Huggies M...


Calling all Ipswich Mums & Daughters :) Lock

I just found an event posted on Facebook by Riverlink Shopping Centre it called "Go Pink at ...

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Look mum it's snowing Lock

Please vote for our wee boy Liam, we would really love to win Thank you soooo much https://www...

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please vote for my bub Lock

As the title says can u please vote for my dd.i feel terrible coz i put her up there and she has ...

2 replies

Thankyou so much ladies.i felt so bad,not for myself but for bailee iykwim.


photo comp Lock

I dont seem to be able to place any votes on the winter baby comp.i click on the vote button but ...

1 reply

I'm not to sure why its doing it, I managed to place a vote but so far I know of 3 family members who are having the same issue...


Please Vote! Lock

All you need is a facebook please vote. This is the link Thank ...

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