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melbourne baby show dates and locations-take a look Lock Rss

well I thought I would post these up as all the money goes for a good cause (the epilepsy foundation) and so many ppl are interested.

So here are 2 shows coming up:

*Brim (sp?) bank in deer park Monday 19th Jan 11am
Im sure locals know if that sounds right, but thats how she said it on the phone so I guessed sorry.

*Gladstone park shopping centre, tullamarine Friday 30th January 11am

Will update when I know more shows, febuary hasnt been planned out yet by the lady and she is away in march.

Cheers and goodluck. Please remember baby shows are Just for fun smile

Do you need to register to put your baby in a baby show? Or do you just turn up on the day?
you just show up at the start and pay a registration fee of $10 or so then.


I was just wondering if there is any baby shows around the Deer Park area in the next 2 to 3 months?? I would love to enter my 6 month old son just for some fun. Please and Thank you very much in advice smile
hi i was just wondering if you could let me know if there is any upcoming baby shows in the casey/cardinia area thanks smile
Hi my name is Tanya and I run Baby shows supporting the Starlight foundation. Please feel free to join my group and page on facebook Time to Shine Baby Shows Group and page you can also email at
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