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PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE vote for our little dude Rowan in the Christmas Comp. I'm trying to win the camera to give to my parents as a Christmas presents. They don't have a great camera and my brother and his partner are due to have another baby via c-section on the 28th Dec so it would be just in time to take some nice pictures of the new baby and also of the Grandkids at Christmas time.

If you vote for Rowan and your bubba is in the comp I will happily vote for them if I haven't done yet.

Thank you to all the people that have voted so far grin Link to click on grin

Done again
Thanks Ladies grin

Voted again I'll vote daily when I check huggies smile he's gorgeous
Thanks Stina Mack grin

Done smile cute pic
Thank you Spiritedmummy. grin

Thank you khmum. grin

I love this picture. I know I'm going to say biased but I think he's one handsome little fella like his older brothers. But then I think every baby is gorgeous and can't help but look at baby pictures. grin

voted smile what a cutie!!
Thank you white_with_two 1/2. And I just seen your post and Congrats on finding out it's a boy. Boys are great. grin

Just putting it out there again. Please vote for our little dude. Thank you grin

Love it, he's so cute. smile smile smile All Done.
Thank you Possum & Joey grin

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