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Competitions - 'Vote Seeking'

Yup you guessed it...

Please vote for my little MR too.. Seth Thanks so much <span class="emoticon gasp">gasp&l...

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Thanks )



can u paste the link please i'll vote

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This post has been moved to be discussed in a more specific forum. Good luck! ]

please vote for court

nah, shes got a fat head.. .lmao

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I voted!!! Vote for Tahj plz Hope it works this time.



Hi all.. I have entered my girls in the August Pop Art Comp. If we win we can get the winning pi...

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bath time

silly question but we have a 4 monh old daughter Annanka Jayde and she loves the bath and water o...

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Hi, the best way to get your baby used to the water and ready for when they start swimming lessons is to use cups of water in the ba...


psst - come and read this!!

Very cute pic. I put my boy in as well, and I think I recongnised half of the kids in this forum....

32 replies

thankyou all very much! we appreciate your votes, hope e huggies bubby wins!!



Cole has been entered in the Bonds Baby Styles 'Funny Faces' Competition. Please vote for him!!! ...

1 reply



Another Little Tikes vote please...

Here's the like for my smiley little man -

1 reply

Voted on the in the other page!!


Another Little Tikes vote please...

Here's the link for my smiley little man -

1 reply

Voted.Very Cute!! Good Luck ]

VOTE FOR COURTNEY w.aspx?Id=c1985114-ec7d-419a-8008-cac5fe4 3f260 [Edited on 0...

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Voted.Very Cute!! Good luck!!


Please vote for my son!!!!!!!!!!

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baby comps

i was wondering if anyone knows of any baby compitions in australia that i can enter my 9 month o...

3 replies

Hi, You can go to to enter your baby in the cyberbabe competition. It's free to sign up to become a member o...

Shell Bell

Please vote

for DS

1 reply

just voted hope you win.



hi everyone, My baby girl made round 2. Trying to win for her daddy as it was his photo when th...

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Shell Bell


Vote for DS

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What is [b][color=green]POP YOUR TOT[/b][/color] I hear you ask – well wonder no more! [b][color=...

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I really hate the look of kids photos done in this style. Its just not for me. I also don't like the idea of paying to enter a phot...


Vote For My Girls!!! PLEASE

Hey lovely ladys and gents. Just asking a favour. Ive entered my 2 beautiful daughters in the th...

1 reply

all done!!!!!


Votes for my girls!! PLEASE

Hey there. I know its the wrong section but il put it here any way. Ive put a post in the baby co...

4 replies

Bump!! Once again!! Anyone!!! One last try if anyone wants to otherwise i wont bother asking again!! ;- Beth


Woolworths parents baby of the year Vote for Arielle Please

Hey everyone, I normaly dont put arielle in comps as she is sick allot but I thought why not sinc...

4 replies

Thanks very much for the vote I will return the favour

Not Sure If I'm A Fan....

Of the whole Baby Show thing!! I went to do my groceries today and there was a baby show being h...

29 replies

Yeh I took DD to a show at 3 months old and it went on forever. She did win like 5 sashed and 3 big trophies but not the princess of...

Woolies Baby 2008..Corey SAYS: Pretty PLEASE =]...

corey says he loves you all and he thinks you should all do the thing below!! now how can you re...

27 replies

aww your all sweeties!! your making me so happy hehe!! xo


vote for my bub

Hey gals...I've just entered my little girl into the baby of the year competition and I need vote...

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All votes are greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!!!!

Hello, Well Riley made it to the final round of voting for pascoepop art comp and we really need...

1 reply

just wanted to let you know that i'm running a competition here on huggs that is similar to what you've entered riley into... have a...



just asking people to vote for my princess. i have entered a photo that my partner took while the...

1 reply

just wanted to let you know that i'm running a competition here on huggs that is similar to what you've entered lily into... have a ...


PoPaRt CoMp

yay i voted!! did u vote for my little man? shes beautiful!

12 replies

hey Matty just wanted to let you know that i'm running a competition here on huggs that is similar to what you've entered ciel into...

Can everyone...PRETTY PLEASE!!

bump loverlies!

9 replies

Hey I voted


pascoe competition

how do i add a photo in the july competiton. i went to facebook and to the competition and it say...

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Bonds Baby Search 2008 Winners

i [Edited on 02/09/2008]

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Bonds baby search 2008.

Hi ladies, Not sure if there has been a post of this for this year yet. Just wanted to put this ...

11 replies

no more comments [Edited on 28/06/2008]


bonds competiton

just wondering when you have uploaded your photo onto the bonds site for the people's choice awar...

4 replies

I think it is actually over now


Baby shows around Melbourne this year

Thought I would pop a post up for Melbourne baby shows, If anyone knows of any coming up pop them...

1 reply

Hi I know there is one at Wyndham Village Shopping Centre Tarneit on the 25th starting at 11 am. Entry from $3 to $5, plus if you ...

please im desperate

hi ladies i know i have done this before and so have many others but please please please do any ...

4 replies

hi, try EBAY ppl sell tokens there for almost nothing

how do you enter?

the pascoe pop art competition? i had a look on their website, which directed me to their facebo...

2 replies

Hello, You have to wait for a new comp to open on the facebook page at the start of each month and go from there <span class="em...


Votes for us too please...

I have entered Mia in the baby of the year as well so if anyone would like to help by voting: ht...

3 replies

all done!



Please Please Please vote for my little boy for Baby of the Year!

5 replies

You welcome! I like the way Jayke is spelt too!


Can anyone help my twin boys?????????

Hello all, My name is Emma and I have identical twin boys (10 months old) named Aron and Zak. I a...

2 replies

Hi Emma I was just looking in the forum site for someone who needs labels! My little girl's name is Emma too so I had to pick you!!!...


u r lucky

I have heaps them. how many u need, write ur add.

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Favour to ask.....

Hey guys! HUGE favour to ask! I know that there is probably a lot of other parents on here that h...

16 replies

Hehe oh yeah... She is the sixth photo i think. It is a close up shot of her and you can see that she has a red hat on


i need your help


6 replies

We have moved this thread to our new Baby Comp forum. Cheers


please vote for skyla and daniel

pics and details are in sig

1 reply

[url=http://] /BabySearch08/PeoplesChoiceForm.aspx[/url] [Edited on 05/06/2008]