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Competitions - 'Vote Seeking'


Please Vote Today Only

Hi All Can you please take a moment to vote for my wee girl Madison Grace who is entered in the O...

2 replies

Thanks so much ladies! I really hope she wins!


Votes needed for business idea

Hi everyone im looking into starting a home based business selling products. I'm going to list a...

1 reply

Are these businesses that r already up and running and r for sale? So the websites r in use to look at and see what they do? Just go...


Sony Ericsson Xperia voting competition Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray klik a na mé jméno Sony E...

1 reply

In some time I will get a certain Sony VAIO old laptop (unknown configuration) so I will definitely post any opinion or even If i bu...


PLs Vote for Amarl. Easy and quick!!!

Hi, Can you pls click the link and like the photo of my daughter Amarli. It ...

1 reply

Thank you


please vote for my little girl, you can vote 5 times - thankyou xxxxxxxxxxxxx

hi there, my little girl is 5 and desperate to win this, the prizeis to star in the latest catel...

4 replies

done i voted will you vote for my kids Aalivyah and Chloe-Maree


help my Toddler by voting for the next 2 days once per day. Contest ends 9/24..its quick and easy

CONTEST ENDS 9/24 and my Son needs daily votes to those who can help. it takes literally a second...

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katie halliday

vote for my babies

please vote for my babies as my oldest child Aalivyah who is 3 months and six days old is sufferi...

1 reply

Where shall we vote for u?

Stina Mack

please vote huggies people !!! xxxxx

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Please vote for Shayla :)

Hey everyone id really appreciate it if you could please take the time to vote for Shayla to win ...

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pumpkin patch competition

hi there we have entered this competion and my daughter is desperate to win and star in their ca...

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another cutie to vote for

please vote for my son happy to return votes

1 reply

Vote!! Very cute Can you plz vote for Logan Harlan too, thx and good luck!


Please Vote for my precious bundle

I am happy to return all votes, just give me a link. To vote follow this URL- https://m.facebook....

2 replies

Done! Plz vote for Logan Harlan too, thx and good luck!


My Child Coverstar Competition 2012 - NOW CLOSED

Thanks for your support!

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please vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, need to make top 20

hi there, please vot, my daughter really want to win this and we need about 20 people to vote to...

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Hi, Some advice please.... I am 39 weeks pregnant and one of my tooth are playing up and really ...

1 reply

I've been to the dentist while pregnant and got xray's it was okay cause i had the lead vest on it was a digital xray machine. I lef...


Freebie Giveaway Competition Milk Eyes currently has a fun giveaway for a c...

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Please vote for my baby boy

Hi I have entered my baby boy into a cloth nappy photo competition and I would love it you could ...

1 reply

Voted he's gorgeous!! X

Need some votes please :)


4 replies

done ")


Allianz Small Business Competition

Hi Everyone, My husband and I were fortunate enough to be shortlisted in the Allianz Small Busin...

2 replies

Thank you so much Aly10, I really appreciate it.


Various baby picture contests

I was wondering if anyone knows of various baby photo contests to enter in? Or if there could be ...

2 replies

Thanks ill look those up. Yeah i Googled but only found ones that were closed.


Barcode toys

Is there going to be the Toy Giveaways for Barcode collections in 2012??

1 reply

I've been thinking the same, my sister in law an I were just talking about it the other day, I have so many barcodes it's not funny lol


Please help! I need a miracle!

Done, and good luck. You are a superdad!

3 replies

All done, and good luck!!!


Please vote for my baby summer rose for baby of the year

Oh baby have their 2012 baby of the year contest and here is the link, please vote for her, it is...

4 replies

THANKU oxoxxo!-baby-...

Sez B

Please vote for Aubrey

Hey All, I don't usually ask others to help with these type of things - but if any of you have a...

1 reply

link isnt working, this is the message it gives: Page Not Found The page you searched for wasn't found We've recently updated our...


Huggins Barcodes

I have been keeping Barcodes from nappies & wipes now for just over 12 months. Do Huggies still h...

2 replies

Phew! If they're not doing the promos anymore I'm gonna stop buying... I got sucked in by the free toys that my neighbour got for se...


Please help with votes

I have entered a competition where I need votes. I would really appreciate any help and can retur...

3 replies

Done. You're looking amazing how did you get the flatter stomach? And good luck! If you can pls vote on mine once every 24 hours and...


Raising money for Taupo Parents centre

Please share my creative Trademe auction on Facebook and help us raise funds for a great place th...

1 reply

Yes i have done that but trademe has not gotton back to me yet, auction be up soon the eggs.


Would really appreciate the help from other mums/dads!

Hi all, i'd like to ask that all the mummys and daddys out there that have a facebook account cou...

2 replies

Done. Could you please like my little boy's photo as well!/


Please help my beautiful little boy in facebook competition :)))

My little boy is currently in a competition on facebook for most popular baby photo and is coming...

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Please vote for my little girl Hayley

Done. That's a gorgeous picture. Made me feel clucky! And you've changed your profile pic too....

3 replies

mumof2gorgeousgirls wrote: I hope you're not getting us confused, our names are very similar. I don't think I am, I'm sure it was a...


Please Vote for my son Bryson

Please help my son with his competition All you have to do is click the link or photo, then Lik...

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huggies baby

how do i make my baby a huggies model

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Sez B

Please vote for my Gorgeous Girl

Hi All, If you have a spare 30 seconds, can you please vote for my daughter "Teagan" Thank you...

6 replies

Thank you!!!


Please vote

Hi, Could you pls take a few minutes to vote for my entry.All help is appreciated. Just ignore th...

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Topic is empty

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PLEASE VOTE RUBY!!! Please can you all ...

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Only a few days to go until voting closes!

Hi ladies, I have posted before about this Facebook has been neck-and-neck with ...

5 replies

Just went to vote than realised I allready did lol hope your man wing,gorgeous photo btw.How would I go about putting my ds in a fa...


Please help us win this competition :)

Hi ladies, Sorry I am cloggin gup this forum with pleas for a VERY close competition. There are 4...

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Vote for my little boy :D

Well i decided to enter my DS into the baby of the day and today is that day haha! Would be love...

1 reply

hey hun I voted.How did you get on? my boys on the 18th of this month

Sweetpeas Mummy

Please Help Me Win A Dream Holiday

Hey everyone, i have entered a competition on facebook to win a holiday. It would be amazing if i...

1 reply

Hey everyone, i have entered a competition on facebook to win a holiday. It would be amazing if i can win it :)Ends 14/5/12 at 5pm ...