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Help please, wanting to know where i can buy newborn headbands from

Im having my 4th child and were having a girl, woohooo....I am wondering where to find headbands ...

7 replies always have great designs. also run by 2 Mums in Victoria, organic, Australian made.


Low thyroid

Hi, I just came back from doctors and they sent me to check my thyroid levels as they think I mi...

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During pregnancy, the thyroid gland must work harder to create even more T3 and T4. If left untreated, hypothyroidism can cause an i...


Baby milestones

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Under active Thyroid

Hi Ladies, I'm hoping some of you can shead some light on this topic.... to say I'm s...

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During your pregnancy, your baby is entirely dependent on receiving thyroid hormone which plays a large role in foetal brain and ner...


Help, baby won't eat

Hi all, I have a 4 month old he has been formula fed from birth .. He has always had regular weig...

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If your baby is happy and smiling and wet his diapers, he is likely to be fine. Babies’ appetite can vary a lot; they have growth sp...



Hey guys how far pregnant am I if baby is measuring 3 millimetres

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The gestational sac first appears at about 4 week’s gestational age, and grows at a rate of about 1 mm a day. Thus, a simple way to ...


10 month old not rolling or sitting

I have a 10 month old who was born at 32 weeks so her corrected age is 8 months and she hasnt rol...

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I think there should not be concerned some babies do the activities late compared to other child, but does not mean that your baby h...


A movement question for experienced child bearers :)

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum (have never posted before) and have a question for all you ex...

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I am two days shy of 20 weeks and felt my bub give me a proper boot when I was exactly 18 weeks. I'd been feeling little movem...


Your baby's development: month by month

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Movement 18 weeks

As a first pregnancy, has anyone felt their baby move at 18 weeks?

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I just posted about this - I am 20 weeks (on Monday 18 April) and I felt last night and this morning intense movement, like she was ...


Healthy baby, gastric bypass mummy

Hi there, am wanting to connect with anyone who may have had a gastric bypass and also be pregnan...

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Hi There, I haven't had a bypass, but I do have a gastric band, so am familiar with the process, limitations and B12 defficienc...


Dating scan no yolk sac

Hi I thought I was 8 weeks pregnant however I went for a dating scan today to be told I had a 6 w...

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I had an ultrasound on Friday when I would be 7w 5d. My sac was empty with no yolk and only measuring 6w 2d. This is also my 3rd pre...

Startle reflex

HI Everyone I am wondering when babies lose the startle reflex? My daughter is 15 weeks and i am...

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We have some great tips and advice about baby reflux here:


Your baby's development: from first words to first steps

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Flat head

Does anyone else's baby have a flat head at the back? My lil boy is 3mths old and he has a f...

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My son also had the flat head and baldness in that area. We consulted the paediatrician and as he mentioned it eventually got better...