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How long should a three month old be sleeping for? Lock Rss

My daughter Brearna really likes her sleep, I am still having to wake her to feed. Sometimes she goes for 10 hours or would like to go for longer, what is within normal hours for a baby of this age to sleep (at night that is)

Wow, don't actually know the answer to this one but enjoy it! As long as your little girl is putting on enough weight to keep the Dr happy I would keep doing exackly what your doing!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

I stopped waking my son when he was 4 weeks old and he slept through from then. We were told and I have read that you should keep waking up your baby at least once during the night up to 4-5 weeks, mainly for breastfeeding stimlulation purposes and to fuel your baby. After that the maximum you should let your baby sleep is 12 hours at a time as the body needs nutrients and replenishment for general growth and wellbeing

Check with your clinic nurse.

At three months my first two were sleeping throuhg the night so don't worry about it. My last one thought decided to break that record and slept through at 10 months. many a sleepless night with that little tacker! Sounds like you are doing fine.

Cathy, m of 3 boys, trying for #4.

Hi, my baby is 15 weeks and has been sleeping for long periods at night since about 9 weeks. She goes down at around 6.30-7pm and sleeps through to around 5am. As I was worried about her missing out on feeds, I give her a "rollover" feed at 11pm (before I go to bed). Most times she doesn't even wake up but takes most of her bottle (my friends with breast fed babies do the same thing). I found that when I started this she seemed more content and less hungry when she wakes up. Try it and see if it works. I have a deck chair in her room and use the lighting from another room to see what I am doing so she stays asleep or sleepy.
Hi Sharee,
I wouldn't change a thing, either. My little boy slept through from 6-7 weeks of age. He has his last feed (bottle now) at about 9pm and sleeps through until about 8am most days. And then when he wakes he talks for another ½-¾hr most days and then sits in his highchair patiently waiting for me to get his bottle ready. If I don't check on him I wouldn't even know he was awake half the time. Mind you getting the extra sleep yourself is the best thing, because once you're up that's it, so make the most of the sleep in while you can as it may not always be like that. And as long as your baby is happy, healthy and putting on weight and eating well, then you are doing everything RIGHT!
what time does your baby go to bed at night my boy Ethan go to bed at 7,30 pm and wake up about 6.00 7.00 but i don,t wake him up he wake up when he want a bottel well good luck with her ......

[email protected] plainland qld

hi there a chart that outlines a general guide for all ages. at 3 months it said 10 hrs at night and 5hrs during the day broken up into 3 sleeps. Remember though its just a guide and my boy is 7 months and he still wants 5hrs during the day.


Is there anywhere I can find this chart?

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

hello the site is called and if you search for "how much sleep does my baby need?" it will take u to a chart.


I have put the info up...hope it comes through


My little girl has been sleeping 8 hours a night since i put her on the bottle at 2 weeks old. At 2 months she was sleeping for 10 hours a night. The clinic told me this was fine as long as she gets 5 bottles a day, and i just give her a bit more each feed.

She is 2 and a half months old and taking about 140-150 mls per feed/4-5 times a day. She will usually have her last feed about 7pm.... go to bed at 8:30pm and not wake until 6:30am, and she is still gaining weight.

I'm not sure if you are breastfeeding though. I think they need to be woken then.

Hope that helps smile
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