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Dressing is a Nightmare Lock Rss

hi well my daughter is 9mths old and i am having a hell of a time trying to get her dressed at anytime of the day even to change her nappy is a nightmare i sit her up for the top half but when she has to lay down she rolls over gets up on all fours rocks on the change table hangs over the edge i keep rolling her back over and i try to keep her entertained with toys and stuff but nothing seems to be working i dread dressing her everyday some days she even squeals at me when i turn her over she has only started doing this in the last month and 1/2 anu ideas would be great thanx
Hi twinkletoes,
My little ratbag Cody has been doing the same recently. It's fine for his dad as he just plants his big hand on his tummy and holds him there. Where as I have to sing and and act like a manic so he focuses on my face and stay's on his back.( I also enjoy acting the clown for him). Goodness know's what my neighbours think but it makes thing's alot easier.
Good Luck
Stacey and Cody

StaceyW.A Cody(Son)10/7/03Jordyn(Daughter)25/11/04

Hi Nat,
I'm sorry, but there is no quick fix for your problem, however, rest assured, it doesn't last forever!! At around 6-8 months, babies discover a new found freedom.....crawling!!! Even before they can crawl, they discover ways of moving/rolling and they just want to keep moving. They learn at an early age, that laying down on the change table means keeping still to get dressed/changed etc, and once a little older, they don't want to keep still anymore, they just want to move!!! Most babies grow out of it once they are walking, but in the meantime, it is just a struggle of trying to dress them, and acting like clowns to try to keep them entertained while changing/dressing takes place. I know how you feel. I have a 10 month old doing the same thing at the moment. Take care.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi Nat,
It certainly makes for trying times when they just won't lay still!!
I find and found that giving Ella either her dummy or a baby wipe to play with kept her occupied until she was dressed.

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

Hi twinkletoes,I have a baby girl Breanna who is 7 month and like yourself dressing her is a battle within itself.She want to roll over I trying gieing her a toy sometimes this works and other times it fail.Maybe we could look at it as a good arm workout Kind thoughts Leanne&Breanna

Leanne & Baby Breanna, Redland Bay


I had pretty much the same question posted, anyway i received some great advise !

Give the baby some sticky tape in their hands and they will be transfixed for sometime trying to remove it from their hands...its cute ! it also works.

Pls give it a go and let us all know how it goes!


NSW - 1st child baby girl

hi well i gave the sticky tape ago tonight after my daughters bath it did work for awhile and then she got bored with it but it kept her entertained long enough to get her half dressed which helped alot i will try it again tommorrow and see how we go thanx for the tip great thinking for whoever came up with that idea.
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