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toothbrushes? Lock Rss

To any Brisbane mum's, don't forget fluoride drops as our water does not contain any, unlike all other States.

I can't remember what age you should start giving them fluoride, but you could check with your local chemist.


Therese, BRISBANE, 3yr old boy 6 wk girl

Hi. I found in Myer the other day an awesome tooth care pack for babies 3+ months. It is 'The First Years' brand. It was $19.95.
It has a gum stimulator. An infant toothbrush for front teeth only with rubber nodules. A fingertip toothbrush (looks like a condom with little bristles!) My baby LOVES having her two teeth and little gums rubbed with this one!
And then there is a toothbrush for toddlers.
So this pack caters for gum stimulationn through to full set of teeth!
I just dip them in water and clean the gums and teeth at this stage. I have always read not to use toothpaste in the early stages due to gagging etc.
It is totally fabulous and I am SO happy to have found this pack.
Hi Suesy,

Just wondering what the gum stimulator does? Or is used for? My 6 mth old doesnt have any teeth yet, but Im sure it wont be long.


Pamela, SA, mum to Lisa 23.10.03

hi sue thats sounds fantastic where did you buy that from?
Hi There.
The gum stimulator has rounded nubs to help relieve teething discomfort. It is good also that they resemble toothbrushes for later on.
I bought it in Myer in the baby section. The First Years brand.
thanx sue we are going to geelong in a couple of weeks so will have to see if i an get my hands on one sound fantastic.
Hi Nat, Hope you find one. Shouldn't be too hard.
Their phone number in Aust. is 1800 533 6708 (found in on the packaging!)
thanx sue i hope i can find one to they sound very good. so hows your bubby go getting teeth brushed? how old is your bub?
Hi Nat. Bub is 7mths old. She loves the toothbrushes.
If I give them to her she goes nuts when I take them off her.
I just dip them in water, don't use toothpaste.
hi sue how u doing? well my daughter is 11mths and she just loves getting her teeth brushed she opens her mouth up so wide so i can get in there it is very cute. so how many teeth does your lil one have? caprice has 6 at the moment.
Hi. She has two teeth. They came up on the same day. Can't wait for the top ones!
Hi everyone,

OK, this has now motivated me to get off my bum, and start cleaning my my 10 month old sons 2 teeth. Thanks for all the ideas,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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