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toothbrushes? Lock Rss

use just a smear of baby tooth paste or just water the first few times .

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My baby has just gotten her second tooth, she's 16 weeks. We just talked about dental care in my mothers group and they recommend just cleaning the teeth with a soft cloth. They say not to use toothpaste till 2 years of age as it can cause excess flouride (spelling???) in bubs. Tap water already has flouride added to it so toothpaste isn't needed.

I've found using a cloth annoying and now that I've read this subject and know that toothbrushes for babies are available I'm going to get one instead.

The nurses said just to clean her teeth before she goes to bed for now so that milk isn't sitting on them all night and making them rot.

Hope this helps

regarding the flouride drops for brisbane mums:- does anyone else know if this is necessary? I've heard conflicting advice. Most of the kids I know (meaning me and my brothers and our friends) never had flouride drops as kids. Any ideas?

Mummy of 2 little angels. 6/6/03 & 3/8/05 & No 3

Hi Calli,

I asked this question (flouride) on another web site as we are on tank water and I got a big resonding "no" to flouride drops. Several of the girls gave me links to articles on it and after reading them there is no way I am going to give Meghan flouride drops. She will get the odd bit when she visits her nan in town and has a glass of water etc.


ps - I hope you got my reply to your email. Let me know if you didn't and I will send it to you from my hotmail address.

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I suggest that everybody should do some reading up on "flouride". I have, and, i was amazed at what this substance actually is and where it has come from. We do not use toothpaste with flouride in it, neither do we drink water straight from a tap. We have a water filter/purifer system which removes the flouride. Don't just assume that it is good for you - doubt everything and do your own homework first.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

I suggest everyone speak to there respective dentists about flouride as there appears to be a bit of a misunderstanding about it.

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