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new tooth Lock Rss

hi girls
my nearly 6 month old girl is teething ,but i looked at her bottom gums this morning and then i checked the upper gum. i saw something and felt it but im not sure if its a tooth or a blister.
its white and hard and in the wrong place.
it seems like the eye tooth.
please can anyone tell me if this is normal?
she too had red flustered cheeks the last 3/4 days and very irratable.

thankssssssssss hope to hear some opinions

mary.NSW 11 month baby

It could be but my son has the same but from birth but his is like an ulcer thing under gum.I cant remember exactly as he was only 6weeks when I had it checked, but it is normal and nothing to worry about.My son is teething, some days he has a bright red cheek and is a bit grumpy but so far no sign of a tooth.
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