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Naming ceremony...What's involved??? Rss

Hi Storm,
Thanks for the well wishes. My daughters name is Amelie and she's 5 1/2 mths old (though she thinks she's older). The naming ceremony went really well and I am very pleased with how it was received by all the guests, even the older ones who are still very much into the whole traditional christening thing. I hope when it comes to your childs naming day that it will be a happy event.
Good luck
Hi Storm,
We are having our daughters naming ceremony next month. We decided to have a bbq lunch as well down byside the lake. For the ceremony we have asked all great grandparents and grandparents to give a small sentimental gift to our daughter, but they aren't to buy anthing. For example her pop my give a coin/penny that he has kept from his childhood, or a necklace that nanna used to wear, they can even write a letter to your child. the idea is to be of sentimental value. i love the sentimental things too and i think it will be great when shes older that we will be able to show her things that her great grandparent and grandparents gave her, because unfortunately they wont be around forever and the items will be a lovely keepsake. hopefully she will be able to pass them on to her children one day.
Hi mum1,
Thanks for the great advice, hope you don't mind if I borrow them.
Hope you have a wonderful naming day for your daughter. How old is she? What's her name?
All the best for the big day, I hope it turns out to be a memorable day for you and your family.
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