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it is a tooth Lock Rss

hello again
well i eventually got a better look at my daughter's gums,and guess what?
she is cutting her 2 incisors (like a little dracula)
at the same time.
have any other mums had this?
i'd love to hear from other mums as she is suffering a fair bit.

bye for now

mary.NSW 11 month baby

My eldest son also cut his incisors at the same time, but he had his 2 bottom ones as well, so all four were coming through at the same time. He didn't really have any discomfort with them, so I guess we were lucky.

The only ones he had problems with were his molars, which he also got within a week of each other, I just used teething gel of a night time and that seemed fine for him.

I have read somewhere that you can also help but letting your child suck on an iceblock through a flannel if you dont want to use a teething gel.
my daughter has 2top and 2bottom teeth,now she is cutting the 2 bottom incisors and she is still sleeping though the night.but my turn will come later and she is 1 on the 7 june.

good luck

kirsty, new zealand

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