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Cutting teeth Lock Rss

Hi My beautiful girl got her front bottom teeth when she was 7 months old. She is now 11 months nearly 12 and she has just cut 2 teeth up the top. The problem is that they are not her front teeth which has come through but are her side teeth. Am I worrying for nothing????
I thought that maybe she might be getting all 4 top teeth at once but not sure as yet.
Has anyone else's bub out there cut their teeth differently from the norm

Sonia & Mikayla

Sonia QLD Mikayla 8.10.04 & edd 1.05.06

HI there Sonia,

My little girl got her bottom two teeth at 6 months and at 8 months got the same two your talking about and then two weeks later she got her two front teeth. It doesn't matter what order they come in, when i was a baby i cross cut and i'd say this is why Ella did the same. So you don't need to worry, it's funny to watch as they look like they have fangs.

Ellas mumma
No need to stress Sonia, teeth come when they want and even though there is a general order, it's perfectly normal for them cut in a different order.

My son also cut his 2 side teeth before the 2 front teeth, and they were not to far behind. He was our little vampire for a while. It's quite common so you need not stress, go get your camera and take lot's of pictures of your little one so you can share this with her when she is older!


Jo, Sydney mama of 2 boys

I agree with the other posts. DD got 2 middle bottom teeth then the 3rd tooth was also a bottom tooth on the side. The next ones were 1 middle top and 1 side top and then the 2nd middle top and 2nd side top and then the next one was bottom side. She looked like satin for a while there... Teeth all over the place!

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