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When will she occupy herself more??? Lock Rss

Mia started crawling tonight - woo hoo. I was looking forward to this day as she is a 'clip on koala' normally and was hoping she would want to be a bit more independent once crawling. Is this what other Mums have found or am I hoping/dreaming/wishing in vain???

I just want to go to the loo BY MYSELF or sit on the lounge with a book BY MYSELF! (yes I know this sounds selfish but I just want some ME TIME - BY MYSELF!!!)


I think a babies behaviour has a lot to do with personality. My son was like you describe your daughter - permanently attached to me, not at all independant. I hate to tell you thats hes still the same at 3. He cried all the time as a baby and still is a difficult little sod. He can also be the most beautiful child though.

My daughter, who is the happiest soul, doesn't care what I'm doing half of the time. She has entertained herself from an early age. She also has a quick temper with her brother.

I think personality types are predetermined at conception and shaped after birth. Most babies go through a clingy stage - I'm sure she will get over it eventually. It's amazing how different babies are, if you sit in a room with a bunch of mothers with babies the same age as yours you will see that they are all different and that some are more clingy than others. Just like adults they are all different.

There is nothing wrong with wanting me time. Everyday when my daughter goes down for her sleep I put my son in front of a DVD and lay beside him on the bed and try to read/rest/daydream in peace (well that is if I can ignore Buzz Lightyear and Woody). If not I lay on the lounge and put on the wiggles - watching the kids dance always brings a smile to my face.

Best Wishes.

Hayley, NSW, Liam 07/02, Beth 09/04, Nate 03/06

Good on you girl you deserve some Me time! I'm not at that stage yet as my little man is only 8 weeks old and in my arms as i type! I've worked in child care for 10 years and think that all parents deserve a medal, I never knew how hard it would be even with 10 years experience with kids! I think that all women need ME time even if it's for a little bit each day, I know our kids always come first but if they're happy then why not sit and relax you deserve it! Hey well done to Mia for crawling! Another milestone- gee how time must fly for you!

Bianca, vic, David 9/8/05, Alexandra 6/5/96

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